The absolutely sickest thing I have ever seen!

That infamous site has gone too fucking far.

I agree it is a sick, disturbing site. So what should we do about it?

This is absolutely fucking outrageous! If this isn’t a hate crime, then what the hell is?

Disgusting crap like this really tests the concept of free speech.

Burn in hell, assholes.

This well-used slice of odious fucksponge thrives on attention; without it, he’s just another idiot pissing in the wind. The instant the novelty of his ‘god hates fags’ campaign wore off, he adopted the ‘god hates America’ ploy in a desperate bid for camera time.

If he’s ignored long enough, perhaps he’ll up the ante further by founding the ‘god hates god’ campaign; at which time the quantum mass of his own illogic will collapse that shriveled, pointy little fucking skull down inside his red neck, through his yellow belly, and eventually out his size-eleven sphincter.

Thus making my state a much more pleasant place to live.

GFY, Fred Phelps. If you’re god’s chosen, scatology is a holy sacrament.

:::::: turning a DARK shade of red :::::::

blows a fuse

Fucking twatcicles. All of them. They can take their cunttrumpets and shove them up the second asshole I’m about to rip them open.

2,661,560 visitors. This is alarming to say the least. But it’s also odd because I returned to the site more than once, and curiously enough, the number shown on the counter remained the same… Strange, isn’t it?

This is pure, unadultered hatred. Just what America needs right now.

Freedom of speech: What a wonderful thing!

I’m not even going to bother looking at it.

All it is, folks, is proof that complete fucking idiots can learn to do HTML or java. I guess we knew that anyway, didn’t we?

Nope. It means that either you got a cookie, or they’re tracking IP addresses. FWIW, It’s taken him quite a few years to build up that many hits.

Sadly, no. But on the plus side, it gives you the right to suggest that his mouth would be better-utilized fellating chainsaws in a travelling freakshow.

Here’s the thing – I’ve never clicked on that link once, whenever it was mentioned. I was always of the opinion that I don’t want to provide this pinhead with the web-traffic. I did this time for some reason – call it heightened curiosity this week – but … what the hell could we expect from this fuckbucket?

I mean GodHatesFags? Isn’t that offensive enough? Do we expect any site-content to be any less offensive? That site infuriated me no end. I couldn’t really read more than the headlines and a few lines of a few articles.

But there’s that pesky constitutional right he’s got to spew whatever fecal matter is generated in his “head” (and I use the term loosely). I do think we (the royal we) ought to do something to keep this fucking lunatic from convincing anybody he’s right about anything. I wish I knew how to do it. I guess I’m just not that brilliant. If anybody has any good ideas, though, I’ll be right on board.

Seems like the usual from our pal Freddie. Nothing the man does shocks me anymore.

Maybe there is something we could do.

Suppose we e-mail them and tell them that we are going to monitor their website. Tell them that each time they put up a new article that we consider to be hateful, ignorant, or just plain stupid, we are going to send donations to various AIDS foundations in the name of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas. And then do it.

The more hate they preach, the more money AIDS research will get. Who knows, maybe the idea could even spread beyond SD. It doesn’t have to be much money. Just a few dollars or whatever. I’m sure they wouldn’t want even a dime given to say, the Elton John AIDS Foundation in their name. And it would be a good way to have something decent come out of something rotten.

Find someone willing to oversee the project. I don’t have the time to oversee, but I will participate. We don’t have much money, but I get $60 a month personal money in our budget. I’ll contribute half of that.

Why is it you never hear of hackers hitting sites like this?

Perhaps you could contact these people,1284,46868,00.html?tw=wn20010915

…and ask them if they would make an exception!:smiley:

Way to go lawoot! Strength in numbers!

IIRC, his grandson does the website.

I like the idea of donating money to an AIDS foundation in Westboro’s name. They deserve it.


Talented Crackers–more concerned with tagging well known sites in a desperate bid for attention.

Talented Hackers–see it as a waste of fucking time.

People like you and me–don’t have the skill. Goddamn it. :mad:

(I’m actually pretty sure that someone has, at some time or another, hit this site. However, the assholes who run it are probably obsessed enough to A.) Keep a backup copy somewhere and B.) check every few hours. Pity.)

I’m not a well-known poster around here, but if y’all will have me, I’d be willing to oversee something like this. I think it’s a grand idea.

Actually, they were the subject of one a beautifully devious hit, back in August of 1998. Instead of hitting their servers directly, someone enterprising soul altered the domain name record for ‘’ to redirect to a site named ‘’.

IIRC, it was several days before they were able to fix it. One can imagine Phelpsie’s reaction.

More detail is available from the Attrition Mirror, if you’re interested.

Maybe it’s just me, (didn’t click on it, wasn’t tempted to click on it, won’t click on it), but it seems to me the worst thing you could to is tell another bunch of people about it thereby increasing it’s traffic.

Just my opinion…


If you pull this off, you’ll be well-known … and well loved! Have at it. Start a thread and make a call to action.

Note that this is a big job. You will need constantly to give a full accounting of the funds, complete with documentation. You cannot be both the overseer and the treasurer (that’s normal for any business practice). I recommend you enlist the help of Gaudere or Polycarp or Tris — someone like that — for fund management. You’ll likely need a website to post scanned images or something. I might can help in that regard.