The absolutely sickest thing I have ever seen!

You guys rock. It’s such a delightfully wonderful idea, it gives me the shivers just thinkin’ about it.
he hugs each and every one of you

If what I’ve read about this guy is true, his entire congregation consists of his own relatives and maybe two other families. And he’s been at this for what, 20 years? Given his own failure to attract converts, it hardly seems worth the effort to mount a counterattack.

Not that I don’t admire the spirit of it.

I’ve started a new thread right here.

Personally, the majority of the homosexual crowd (At least the ones I’ve come across) have made me want to be sick. I can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would be gay. I believe I have made it clear that i do not care much for gays. However, even I will admit that this website is absolutly disgusting. I hadn’t heard much about it until this thread’s link, but when I saw all the controversy it has caused, I decided to check it out. I didn’t go any farther than the main page. I was immediatly revolted by the opening headline stating that (this is a rough translation…) “Fags caused the World Trade Center Attacks!”
WTF???!!! That makes me a thousand times angrier than the fact that people are gay!! Gays, whether we agree with their actions or not, are people too, just as much as we are. I can clearly recognize this and I am totally against and totally dislike homosexual behavior! When will we, as Americans wake up and realize that people are different?!

If everyone was the exact same, why even get out of bed in the morning???

Or whoever could’ve changed his counter value to make it look like it’s a popular site.

AMM1932, have you met Esprix yet? You two will get on like a house on fire.

How about if people started to donate a penny/nickel/dime to gay rights organizations for every 10 or 100 or 1000 hits at Send a petition around getting a bunch of people to pledge to this cause and send a copy to Phelps to let him know that every time someone accesses his website, gay rights organizations will be rewarded with donations.

Amm1932 and Esprix? - I can already feel the love happening.

Phelps is this guys name?

Fuck him. Hard.


Interested parties can find a none-too-complimentary biography of this sick bastard here.

Not even if he’d just had a Halon enema and my dick was on fire.


Yep, that’s much better, and simpler to administer. Mishell, take note!

First of all, I’ve got to say that I’m not visiting that site. The URL was enough to convince me I’m not going to like what I find there, and I’m not giving people like that the gratification of site traffic.

Is there any legal recourse for sites like this? F’rinstance, if the service provider’s in the US, would it fall under hate/vilification laws, if any such exist?


apotheosis, maybe I’m just sick and twisted in my own way, but I just about fell of my chair laughing at that. :smiley:

I know I’m pushing this editorial, but it just appeared this morning in the Topeka Capital-Journal, the paper in my town(and Fred’s!)

WITNESSING-Me again. With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
coming up, I’m reminded of the task God has set for me. So, I now tell you the message of God as He told it to me-
God does NOT care about sexual orientation. As long as you and your partner (or partners) are consenting adults who are honest with each other, the genders involved are irrelevant.

    Phelps and many others quote and misquote the Bible to prove their point. The Bible and the word of God are not always the same thing.

End Of Witnessing

 I love the idea of donating to an AIDS charity for each act of hate Phelps commits! People like Phelps feed on hate. If you scream at them, or return their hate in any way, they know just how to react. If you respond with love and gentleness, it completely scrambles their little brains. When the Fundie Fund goes into effect, Phelps head may actually explode.

AMM9132 is my new best friend.


Teehee! I’ll bet he’d LOVE a big kiss!!!

Let the shitstorm begin…

Anyway, could giving donations in the name of Westboro
be considered illegal, or, be subject to a lawsuit? I’d hate to see this excellent effort get deep-sixed because of some legal issue.

Well, Cleophus, just say that it’s “in honor of” or “inspired by the actions of”

I’m reading his bio over at

The guy is crazy. I don’t mean, he’s an asshole crazy, I mean he’s clinically disturbed. Deeply mentally insane. VERY scary.

His website is the LEAST of his sins. You rant about how he treats the gay community-that’s nothing compared to how he abused his own family. The guy is really really frightening.

It’s almost enough to make me turn gay, just for the honor of earning his complete disdain and loathing. I can scarcely imagine a higher compliment.

If I’m not mistaken, the First Amendment would trump any such claims, from both speech and religion aspects. The same defense allows that vicious, bloodthirsty jagoff at The Nuremberg Files to post ‘hit lists’ for abortion clinic doctors.

Rarely is the metaphor of the double-edged sword so fitting.

If there’s any justice, he’ll spend eternity being cornholed by well-endowed demons anyway. I figure, why ruin their fun?