God is Love but God Hates Fags.com

This site comes from a Baptist Church somewhere.

Now, I hear a lot of arguement on this board of how Christians are held to standards that atheists are not. While I understand the frustration, I think there are very few Athiest websites that are this cruel and full of hate. I think that may be where the double standard comes from. We have rarely heard of an athiest doing something this harmful and horrible. If you have time, check out Matthew Shepard’s Message From Hell. It was honestly one of the most disturbing things i’ve ever run across.

I am aware that most Christians will find this as horrible as I did. I know this isn’t the typical Christian response. I have friends who are Christian who thought it was abominable. I just would like to hear what you guys think about all this and see if there IS in fact an Athiest exivalent. (SP?)

Welcome torie. Do a search on the words “Fred Phelps.” You’ll find people here are quite familiar with this wack job.

And speaking as an atheist, I know full well that he doesn’t speak for anybody but a small sad group of fearful, ignorant phobes. Not just homophobes, but “everybody-who-doesn’t-agree-with-me” phobes.

I have visited a few unpleasant sites ( including Stormfront and NAMBLA) while following up discussions on these boards, but that was the only one I could not read through ( I visited it a few months ago). Just as Phil Spectre had a Wall of Sound, this site has a Wall of Hate which repulsed me so much that I could not progress beyond the first page.

i almost wish i hadn’t read beyond. I feel like america at large should pay attention to this guy. Nutjobs get very powerful when they are ignored.

Didn’t realize there were so many threads about him.

This nutjob’s “church” is really his extended family that he’s brainwashed and abused into following his commandments. They believe that only those Fred chooses will truly make it into Heaven. Mr. Phelps was defrocked by his denomination years ago and disbarred from practicing law because he was clogging the system with useless and irrelevant lawsuits in hopes of getting settlement payments outside the courts. In short: this man is not religious, unless worship of oneself counts.

Didn’t he do a bot about how Mr Rogers was going to Hell? Yes, Mr rogers of Mr Rogers Neighborhood.

Oh geez, Fred Phelps. I check the schmuck’s site every day to read his pathetic rants. I don’t find him disturbing anymore, I just laugh at what a loon this guy is.


That is why I don’t take the guy seriously. For the Internet-filter-impaired, it’s a site done in black background with Matt Shepard’s (Matt Shepard being that gay kid in Wyoming a few years back who got tied to a fence and beaten) head floating on a pool of flames, with a high-pitched .wav or .mp3 file of about .02 bit quality yelling “AUUUUGHHH! FOR GOD’S SAKES, LISTEN TO PHELPS!” It’s just so juvenile and over-the-top that I can’t help but just laugh at the ol’ nutcase now.

I disagree strongly that this is a “Christian” site. This is a “nutcase” site. :smiley:

He has no real following at all, and the site does not represent the viewpoint of any real Church.

That being said, I do know that the Southern Baptists do indeed consider Gay sex a sin, however, even they- the most conservative and Fundamentalist of the major churchs- do not “hate” homosexuals like this loonie.


‘limited atonment’ I guess is for this TULIP church.

Oh well, there are extremes in practically everything.

Atheist equivalents:

Pol Pot

And they’ve both been directly responsible for far more deaths than Fred Phelps, as odious as he otherwise is.

I hate it when I hold similar viewpoints with idiots like him. He gives Christians a bad name.

OTOH, I think that This site might give it a run for its money…

I think that front page just goes to show that even Satan can quote scripture.

People like this Phelps guy will go to hell before homosexuals.

“Judge not, lest you be judged”

Peace Lady

If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Jerry Falwell say that Phelps is a hateful schmuck?

Seriously, if FALWELL says you’re too homophobic, well, then I think it’s a sign you better check into a psychiatric ward, ASAP.

But you’ll note that neither of them had a website.


both of them were in postions of power, too.

I think if Mr Fred were in a position of power, he would be responsible for a genocide

Please please please realise that not all Christians are like this guy!

I’m what I guess you could call an Evangelical Christian, although a lot of times I like to distance myself from that title. I believe in God, Christ, Holy Spirit, and the Bible, and I DO NOT believe that “God Hates Fags”.

For the record, neither do I, and yes I do know, and socialise with many homosexuals.

It’s just another example of a biggot hiding behind a cross.

Please just ignore this man. He’s irrelevant to the Gospel.

Phelps is in many ways similar to the monkeys masturbating at the zoo; they do it all the more when people watch and if you get too close, you’ll end up getting soiled.

So why aren’t there Atheist equivalents to this site ?

I do. I’m an Anglican, for crying out loud!