God is Love but God Hates Fags.com

because atheism doesn’t necessarily work in the same way as religion, in the same way as it is possible to have all kinds of weird and wonderful hairstyles, but the ways in which to be bald are less diverse.

There are atheist nutcases, no doubt, but there’s something inherent in religious extremism that makes people very focused on the actions of other people.

… and less so on their own “sins” I would add. Ideological patrol.

(Well put thanks Mangeout. Thou I wouldn’t say its restricted to the religious extremists only.)

According to this definition, I’m absolutely a fag (for impenitent premarital sex). I’d bet most of us are.

This guy’s pathetic!

yup fag checking in here at 1:58 p.m. est time.

There is/was a counter web-site run by my friend’s roomie:


I’m not sure if it’s still up so that’s the google cache of the site.
[Fixed link. – MEB]

Phelps is as representative of Christians as Charles Manson is of Americans. (The math even works that way.) So unless one wants to argue that Americans are typically knife-wielding murderers, it’s hard to argue Christians are anything like Fred Phelps.

oh I know Christians are not like Fred Phelps. I just think that the if intolerance shown by people like this push people into virulent anti-christianity. Someone sees a site like this (or like www.christiangallery.com/creator.html) and thinks “i need to fight this” or “see!!! This is what this Religion does”. Atheism doesn’t really have hate speech of this magnitude in it’s doctrine. Maybe that’s why there is a bit of imbalance or double standard in arguement…(which i still can’t spell!!!)

the website i have linked above contains some very graphic and upsetting pictures regarding abortion. I don’t recommend if you are sensitive to said images to visit this site.

or rather, stay away from the articles about abortion, now that i have revisited the site i see there are no graphic pics on the front pages.

The best thing you could do is not be bothered by it.

So, do you recommend that Christians all gang up and murder Mr. Phelps? Tell me, O Wise One, what must Christians do against Mr. Phelps and his ilk?

Disagree with him?

Already done so, doesn’t stop the guy.

Tell him how unChristian he is?

Already done so, doesn’t stop the guy.

So, I guess I’m still to blame for him, since I’m Christian and I didn’t blow his brains out.

Dogface, what are you talking about? I didn’t get any suggestion out of Torie’s posts that suggested Christians should “gang up and murder Mr. Phelps.” It seemed to me that he was merely suggesting that it’s guys like Phreddy who some people hold up as all that’s wrong with Christianity.

I personally have no great love for religion, and have my own issues with Christianity in particular, but I know quite well that the vast majority of people in any religion aren’t like him at all.

no no no no nonono!! When did I say blow his brains out? When did I say that those who did not were therefore responsible for him??? Christians and humanity as a whole are under no obligation to do ANYTHING! But I will say that ignoring this man is very very dangerous. He’s planting these seeds in his Grandchildren, for Christ sakes.

I’ve gone out of my way to avoid offending anyone, i’m sorry that it hasn’t worked. However, I do think you are being a tad unreasonable. People ask why it can be so hard for Christians, why there is a double standard. I put these hate sites up as part of the answer. Don’t agree with me? Fine. But there is no reason for being snarky.

BTW i’m a she. :slight_smile:

[tipping my hat] Pardon me, ma’am.

I’m confused about something. I’m a heterosexual male - not a “fag”, but I occasionally
indulge in sodomy with my girlfriend. :smiley: Am I going to hell too? (I mean according to
Phelps, that is)

Well that depends. If you’re sodomizing Tina Yothers then you had better get that flame-retardant suit ready.

Hahaha. No, it’s not her. I suppose sodomizing Tina Yothers would be a hell in itself.
But I’m just wondering if according to Phelps do all sodomites go to hell, or
just homosexual sodomites? Is the unforgivable sin homosexuality or sodomy?

I’m not sure what Phelps’ logic is.

Then again, logic and Phelps go together like oil and water.

Somehow I suspect if it was Phelps himself sodomizing a woman he’d say that was okay for some ridiculous reason, but nobody else could do it!