Anyone undergone Mass decontamination?

Have anydopers ever undergone mass decontamination? What caused it? What was it like?

Once I went to mass with a Catholic girlfriend, and it was Christmas mass, no less. The priest was swinging a ball with this smoke coming out of it, was that decontamination?


High-pressure showers, geiger counters, etc?

I’ve gotta say that the capitalization in the thread threw me for a loop.

I watched a training CD on CBR incidents the other day and it had some stuff about mass decontamination. From what I could tell it involved a lot of half naked people being hosed down by firemen.

Not a mass contamination, but I have been decontaminated - I used to work for Henze-Movats as a rad whore and got a tear in a set of anti-Cs. No big deal, just annoying.

No, I’ve never been to Massachusetts.

Yeah, I was thinking “Silkwood” as well :slight_smile: