Fluoride terrorist--get over yourselves.

I’m pissed. REALLY PISSED. You just don’t understand how MUCH I’m pissed.

You waltz into this board and post your SHIT and then run away and hide.

Either stay around and debate or explain. But don’t go off with a departing post that says you’re leaving because the people here don’t understand you. Or diss you. If you’re so unsure of being able to defend your position, then don’t come here in the first place. You’re scum. Bottom feeders. You have not an INKLING of what science is about. You remind me of the people in the 1950’s who were convinced that UFO’s were real. I was too. But I was 15 years old when I read my first book by Donald Keyhoe about flying saucers. It sounded real to me. So did masturbating until I went blind.

You come in here with an agenda. You get your ass handed to you and go slinking away. Don’t you have any sense of decency?

By the way, this is a generic pitting that could apply to other groups. In this case, it’s specific to the scum-sucking weasels who are on the side of promoting the idea that fluoride is evil.

Sorry this one isn’t better. I worked 10 hours retail today. Takes it out of me.

That thread is…interesting. Did anyone else find it somewhat suspicious that five separate completely new guests happened to show up in that thread all in support of the completely new guest who first posted about the evils of fluoride?

So masturbating no longer seems real to you since you’ve gone blind? That would explain your moderating.

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I heard that if you drink flouridated water, you won’t go blind as quickly when you masturbate – something about glowing in the dark making it easier to see. :wink:

You might not believe it but that happens, legitimately. I wondered the same thing a while back about the Carlos Castaneda thread. These things happen. Kinda a “Hey! Rube!” effect.

Flouride in water does nothing for teeth, but makes you trackable by satellite.

It’s entirely possible that these people are all on the same mailing list or something. We’ve had board invasions of various sizes before, from people trying to convert us to people trying to troll us.

Jerking yer meat is fine…

…in moderation. :smiley:

I’ve wanted to ask this, but was afraid it would sound offensive (so I didn’t post this to GQ), but why does the subject of flouridation of drinking water so worry the fringe element?

You ever had tin foil in yer teeth? :slight_smile:

They’re contaminating our Precious Bodily Fluids!!!

P.O.E. … O.E.P. …

I found it interesting that C. K. Dexter Haven inadvertently referred to Chooch as Cooch. Freudian slip there, Dex?

[Chick McGee] That…was…wonderful[/Chick McGee]

Lots of reasons. I once got into a (pointless) argument with a completely commited activist organization dedicated to eradicationg flouridation–because it caused sickle cell anemia.

It’s a target because it’s commonly ‘imposed’, much like vaccination programs for children. Forget the science; there’s probably a hidden, and probably hideous, agenda working underneath somewhere.

I don’t mind people questioning underlying utility. I do mind, very much, masturbatory paranoia.

What? Who!?!
You didn’t see anything, did you?

Rove has the pics on his desk to be released tomorrow. You’re going down. :smiley:

Fuck! You have those pics too?

I’ve gotta say, I’m unlikely to take advice on the properties of fluoride from the highly-qualified “guests” who spelled it “flouride”.

I’m trying to get ready for the hordes who will no doubt invade when Cecil or one of the SDSAB gets around to debunking the vaccine-autism link. Gird your loins, fighters of ignorance!

As a chemical engineer, he’s got to be aware that fluorine, uranium hexafluoride, and sodium fluoride all have entirely different properties, and that it’s pure disingenuous asshattery to compare the three. Right?

It’d be sort of like condemning oxygen just because when it’s bonded with hydrogen, you can drown in it! Deadly!


Oh, and apparently, these guys have never heard of the term “dose” ( aconcept I’d expect a doctor to be aware of, but maybe not a chemical engineer.)

Basically, the whole thing just tells me that, apparently, any paranoid clown with a shaky grasp of reality can get a chemical engineering degree.

(Fluorine! Ionically bonded with hydrogen, it’s used to etch glass! Egads!)

It’s a shame that we’re seeing (in the linked thread) the usual whiny hive-mind/clique insinuations; That the newbie is being challenged because he’s spouting utter drivel never seems to cross his mind.