Anyone up for a game of VGA Planets?

There was a thread about starting a game of VGA planets awhile back. But there wasn’t enough people interested. So… Now that free posting is back, and all the lurkers who might be interested can post, is anyone interested in starting a game of VGA Planets?

I’m interested in version 3, and if we set up a game, I’m willing to be host, and I claim The Lost Colonies of Man (Unless someone REALLY wants it.)

I’ve never played before, but it sounds interesting.

Resistance is futile, if you know what I mean. Dibs borg.

If I didn’t have to take a turn but maybe 1x a Day, I might be interested in it. I don’t really know anything about the game though, but I enjoy building stuff and playing building games.

So you can count me in if it’s not too much work, and I can do it on my own time (like how ConquerClub lets me take my turn over 24 hours and such).

The turn time will be negotiable, I was thinking maybe 3x a week or when all the turns were in, which ever is earlier. But if someone has a problem with that, I would be willing to change it to whatever people wanted.

We have possibly three people, we need some more to make a good game. Is anyone else interested in playing?

I have not played VGA planets in years. I’ve changed computers multiple times since then, so I’d have to buy a new registered version to play…do they even still sell it?

I’d be tentatively interested in playing, if I can get the software. 3 turns a week is good, at least at the start. Once things get going, it may need to slow down to 1-2 turns a week. IIRC, turns can take a couple hours or longer to complete after you build up a sizable fleet/empire.

Colonies are my first choice, Borg my second…seeing how both are claimed already, I guess I’d choose the Rebels if this thing is gonna happen…but choice of race isn’t really a deal breaker for me. I’ll learn to fight with whatever I get.

Anybody got a link for the software?

You can download it here. Oakminster you might try emailing the author to see if he can get you a copy of your registration.

Holy crap. I haven’t thought about VGA Planets in about 10 years. That was the first shareware game that I ever bought. I should look through my old floppies and see if I can find my copy.

If we don’t get enough for a full game, how about a variant where each guy takes two races, and runs them as allies? I could maybe go for Rebels/Pirates or Rebels/Federation…

Oakminster, thats actually a pretty decent idea. If we can get six people who agree, I think we might do that.

Hell. I tried to avoid this post.

Sign me up.

As if I don’t have enough projects taking up my time.


Cylons please. Or whatever they’re calling them in the copyright infringement free version.

Thrice a week is fine for me as well.

So are we going to do this or did I scare everyone off?

Yes, we’ll do this. Sorry I haven’t posted but school has been awful the last couple days. So far we have six people who expressed interest. I’ll put a list together tonight of who wanted each race. Since there is six people we can’t do Oakminster’s plan of everyone using two allied races.

RoOsh and Anonymous Coward, do y’all have a preference on what race y’all want?