My videogame wish is...

that there could be a version of Civilisation II with a huge playing map of Earth that also included some of the function of Colonisation (IE piracy, commodities mattering etc.)

I love playing Civ II still but I hate how small the drawn maps are.

Sony ponying up money to pay Bethesda to make some DLC for the PS3 version of Fallout 3. Or alternatively, Microsoft/Bethesda having an altruistic moment and allowing the new DLC to be ported to PS3.

I’d like a PC game with the scope of GTA IV, but with more of an international man (or woman) of mystery vibe. You don’t play some street thug, but rather a spy/hitman.

All old games regularly regarded as classics available for a nominal price in formats that run on modern home systems and XP/Vista PC’s. I’m talking every classic Sierra, Origin, Lucasarts, etc. game, as well as all old console classics.

A hybrid of the Civilization and Total War series would be amazing, but impossible to make any time soon.

I really want to play Abe’s Oddysee on X-box arcade, I used to play it on my old playstation, but I can’t get it to work anymore, I tried the PC version…but that was so ugly

Can’t they make a HD version for X-box arcade just for me?, well you can play it too

“Then I fell and smashed my head / Then a BigFace appeared and said I was dead.”

That, with Sim City style cities and it would be the best game ever!

I would like to play a bug-free version of Universal Combat that featured comprehensive tutorials and intuitive controls… but I think that might be asking too much. :smiley:

Loved that game. :slight_smile:

I want a hybrid of SMAC/Civ, Master of Magic, and Total War. Basically, I want SMAC with heroes & magic, and overhead directed 3D real time battles. I wanna see my dragons blast their way into a castle while my mages rain fire down on advancing undead as a magic vortex tears into opposing archers.

A Psychonauts sequel, pretty please.

I want an RPG/adventure but with Soul Calibur style fighting (learn new moves as you advance, new weapons, etc) in an open sandbox world. Jade Empire was pretty damn close to the perfect game, and I’d love to see it “next genned”.

I don’t see why not. Add some tech trees, resource management and a longer time scale to a total war game and your basically there already.

Mechwarrior V, with MMORPG aspects, with out-of-metal experiences a la Starcraft or Quake 4, and in-metal experiences like Mechwarrior Mercenaries.

Your wish is somewhat easy to put into practice : abandonware sites are a dime a dozen, and all you need to make them run is either a virtual machine, or (in most cases it’s enough) a processor slowdown app like MoSlo. I routinely fire up the old X-Com and X-Wing games myself.

My wish is an RPG based on the World of Darkness, with the depth and complexity of Morrowind, the looks of Fallout 3, the creepiness and inferred background of Thief:Dark Project and the combat of Baldur’s Gate 2. I’d be perfectly willing to sell all of your souls to make it happen.

Try Severance. It’s pretty old, and less RPG than Tomb Raidery with XP, but the combat is pretty much flawless.

I liked the idea of Spore. It’s too bad the actual game sucked.

I’d like to see a videogame similar to Grand Theft Auto, but from the viewpoint of a cop. You’d be able to do everything from making routine traffic stops to answering bank robberies and domestic disputes. Kind of a SWAT meets GTA type of game with more mundane, “everyday” tasks thrown in.

Would you also have to spend hours filling in paperwork and attending court cases? :slight_smile:

In the original Police Quest, this was pretty much the first act of the game. Well, not a bank robbery, but plenty of routine cop stuff - with a requirement that you follow proper procedures. I’d play a modern addition to the series that doesn’t involve just running SWAT takedowns (which is where PQ went as soon as FPS came along).