anyone use focus night & day contacts?

What are your opinions? are they worth it?

i sure would like to not take out my contacts everyday.

i was just doping this in a search for contacts that are cheaper than i would buy at the store and was interested when i saw a commercial for these.

Umm… I’m not sure about the brand, but I’m currently using fortnightly contacts.

So much better. Its nice to actually be able to see the light switch before you flick it off.

I also hear that there are monthly or 3-monthly ones, but I’m not too keen on those. It might be tough to remember when to change them.

The only slight problem that I have is that these are soft-lenses. And they can be tricky to remove if you are used to hard-lenses.

Finally, an opportunity to be usefull :slight_smile: .

Yes I do, and I think they’re great. I have contacts that I change monthly, and probably don’t clean them as often as I should. It is easy to forget when to change them, but as a general rule I change into a new pair whenever my eyes feel sore, and it takes around a month for that to happen. Not having to worry about taking contacts out everynight, putting them back in, and ripping them in the process while on vacation, miles away from a new pair, is just awesome. I’m not sure if they sell hard Night and Day contacts. I’ve only ever used the soft ones, so I’m quite used to removing them. Just pinch the eye gently, and pull back.

So yeah…they’re comfortable, almost maintenence free, and last for a long time. I can’t think of anything I’d change about them.

Just for the record, how to you go about removing hard contacts?

Hard lenses are so easy to remove because they actually “stick out”. I can use my eyelids to push or blink them out.

Soft lenses are tougher for me (I’ve only recently started).
I don’t seem to have anywhere to “grip” or “push”, because the soft lenses are so thin, and seem to stick to the eye.

Umm, I apologize if this is too graphic. Some of my friends freak out when they see me even touching my eye to adjust the lens.