Anyone use online banks?

I’m looking for a new bank and in particular, one that is convenient and doesn’t charge me for the privilege of holding my money. I’m now checking out, which is basically an e-bank.

Any thoughts or concerns with online banks that I should know about? Any personal accounts?

I’d appreciate any help the Dopers have to give. Thanks!

I have an internet bank account with I like it. I don’t have to pay anything for the usual services (checks, etc.), earn interest on my account, and I get up to $5.00 a month back in ATM fees.

Look for an online bank that allows you to deposit thru any ATM, (its a pain to have to mail in a deposit), has a toll-free number so you can access your account off line.

Basically, shop around and see what suits you best.

Good luck!

I use First Internet Bank of Indiana, and I really like them. They refund ATM fees charged by other banks, but they only take deposits in MAC ATMs - I haven’t found any in the Boston area. But with direct deposit, I don’t really need to deposit money very often anyway, and putting it in the mail is no big deal. They send you a pile of prepaid envelopes whenever you want, so I keep them at work and at home, and mailing a deposit is quick and easy. Their rates are very reasonable, and I’ve been very happy with the customer service. I download all my transactions right into Quicken, so it’s much easier to balance my checkbook.


I have a account right now, but they are changing the fee structures in that, now there will be fees. Frankly, I’m getting the hell out. The fees kicked in on Jan 23 and will be billed on your Feb 23 statement.