Anyone use that "No No" hair removal device? Any good?

Well, it looks like I’m going to have to go shopping for new shaving supplies, as the blades on my electric razor are pretty much shot. That got me thinking of an alternative I saw advertised on TV a few times and has its own website, the “No No” hair remover. It claims to be simple and completely painless. And…that’s pretty much it.

All right, cards on the table (you rock, Moviebob! :slight_smile: )…I’ve always been a tad suspicious of “only on TV” products, primarily because if it were that good, it absolutely should be sold in stores. I mean, if not in every Longs, than at least the nearest Bed Bath And Beyond. Then there’s the fact that the website doesn’t give an details about how this thing, y’know, works. There’s just a bunch of breathless claims, complte with self-aggrandizing comparison chart (always a red flag).

So, anyone can attest to this device’s effectiveness or lack of thereof? (If it takes a long time to work or requires special care, I’m fine with that; there’s definitely no hurry in my lifestyle.)

This Amazon page has 366 1-star reviews out of 551 total.

It uses a heated wire to burn hair off. There is a thing called a “buffer” to take off the burned hair. I have no idea why anyone thinks this would work, and I have no idea why anyone thinks this could be painless, except for on a very flat, smooth expanse of skin.

Apparently the Flash N Go is getting WAY better reviews, a woman I know tried it, she likes it a lot. I am planning to give it a go soon. :slight_smile:

It’s awful. Do not fall for it.

On nights when I do not control the television in the lunch room at work, I have seen infomercials for this product far more often than I care to calculate. It’s always seemed to me that since skin is largely made up of the same ingredients that make up hair, a “death ray” that destroys hair and its follicles is probably going to have some effect on the skin in which the follicles are housed.

But nobody ever asks about that in the infomercials, so I never get to see the celebrity endorsers address the point.

Try the new Gillette five-blade body razors, the ones with the swiveling head. Best hair removal device I’ve ever used on my sensitive skin. It’s at least worth a try and you can buy them at WalMart.

It works by burning?? Good lord, that’s a whole new level of “some idiots will buy anything” right there. I remember Cecil’s article on the failings of home electrolysis (which apparently is completely dead at this point), and even that sounds like a miracle breakthrough next to this.

Got a new Norelco DualTouch today (I’m too clumsy for anything manual); I believe I’ll be sticking with it for a while.

Really like that Flash 'n Go site; highly informative and honest. Will consider it for the future (since it requires shaven skin anyway).

Thanks as always, brethren!

Tangent: Hub was suffering from insomnia several years ago and watched an infomercial on OxyClean. This was a looong time before it was available in stores. He grabbed his credit card and ordered it post haste.

Me, being the kind an loving wife that I am, brutally teased him for falling for an infomercial product.

Then there was the red-Kool-Aid-on-the-white-carpet incident. A few minutes with OxyClean and the stain was gone.

Crow eaten.

I’ve seen the commercials and it appears you have to smile while you’re using it. Maybe it tickles?