Anyone use tmobile in Canada or Mexico?

I know virgin mobile you can’t use iphone in canada… is that true?
What about mexico? Im confused b/c i checked site and it shows roaming rates and i see canada and mexico there?

Im going to get an iphone and was going to go with Virgin mobile but when i had a virgin mobile phone… that phone did not work in canada. is this true/false? I heard it was false so i cancelled my cell service before coming to canada. I had an android phone previously.
Well i read that tmobile… you could actually use the iphone with the simple choice plan in other country like canada and mexico and theres no extra cost? They say you get unlimited text and internet so if im using an iphone with tmobile in canada… then i wouldnt be paying extra? The only thing i see is it say you have to pay 20 cent a minute to call back to the usa.
So if i get an iphone back in the usa and sign up for tmobile and then use it primarily in canada or mexico… would that be stupid? Because i would be paying for unlimited everything but of course i wont be using any unlimited minutes b/c any call i make will be international being that im in canada or mexico. So paying 50+tax a month would not be that smart since its basically unlimited text and internet only?

You can’t do it for an extended period. For example, you can’t live in Canada full-time and take advantage of free roaming.

If you live in Canada, it may be cheaper for you to look into domestic plans from Canadian wireless companies.

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I use a Jitterbug although I live in Canada because it is the only cell phone service I could find that did not have roaming charges anywhere in the US or Canada. Downside is that it is only a phone. You can pay extra for texting capabilities, but there is no camera, no web browsing, just a phone. Also there is no service outside of the US and Canada. Also, they do not accept Canadian credit cards (they require an address check and it always fails on the zip code) so I end up sending them a paper check every few months, paying in advance.

No. I have Virgin Mobile and an iphone in Canada. I live in Canada, though, so it might be different than what you’re asking: are you an American trying to visit Canada with Virgin Mobile and an iphone? Edit: I’m also on a month-to-month plan, so you could just sign up with one if you’re here for any length of time.

Im already in canada. Im an american. Im leaving soon b/c of the 6 month limit but going to come back after i take care of stuff back in the usa then coming back to canada.
I know that the virgin mobile usa and canada is not affliated at all…

Yea i know but that would require me to buy a canadian iphone…