T Mobile International Roaming Plan Question

Can someone tell me if i can do this?
Get an iphone thats with tmobile in the usa. Then activate it and get the simple choice plan for 50 plus tax per month. Then i go to canada or mexico for 3-6 months and use it there like i do in the usa and only use the phone calls when i have to b/c its 20 cents a minute?
Someone told me they travel to mexico quite a bit that they go there for few weeks then come back to the usa for few weeks vice versa and does that throughout the year. They told me they love tmobile b/c its great that they could get to use the data in mexico… they even told me the data usage is better in mexico than in the usa. But isn’t this false though because i read the data is slower its 2g and its called edge? They say its great in mexico…
However isn’t it true that you cannot be using the phone in another country for more than 6 weeks because t mobile doesnt allow you to use your phone in another country primarily? I read something like you can only use it for max 6 weeks in another country then have to be back in the usa and use the data … at least 1/2 the data in the usa as well? Does anyone know if this is true and if so… can someone correct what i say b/c im sure the details of it is incorrect?
Because if this is true… i would buy an iphone back in the usa and go with tmobile phone… then activate it and use it in mexico or canada while im there but i wouldnt be able to use it for 3-6 month straight?

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