Anyone used Capital One Auto Finance?

I’m shopping for a used car/truck. So far, Capital One has come in with the best offer. Has anyone used them before? Any good or bad experiences? I realize YMMV greatly in dealing with a finance company, but are they known to be sharks?

They used to be Peoplefirst, before they got bought out- I haven’t had any trouble, but everything is pretty upfront, so I don’t know how they could be sharks ? The loan is at the rate provided, as long as you direct debit from your checking account every month, and the fee for the loan is spelled out clearly, and IMHO isn’t that high. One thing that is probably different from a bank loan is that they will NEVER talk to you except for one phone call when you request the “check” that you use to pay for your vehicle- after that everything is via mail/email.

I used them both for buying a new vehicle and an old one. They get 4 stars in my book. Always a good interest rate, good customer service, etc. Next time I have to finance a vehicle (hopefully not EVER) they’ll get my business.