Anyone wanna go to St. Thomas?

This is in all seriousness.

I’m looking at going to St. Thomas, B.V.I. April 23rd, returning the 28th (that’s Tuesday - Sunday) or May 7th-12 (same thing) to go SCUBA diving. I’m getting a 5 night/6 dive “shoulder season” package for it all.

The thing is, the package is designed for two people and it’s all of $200 cheaper for me to go alone. So, I’m figuring that since I’m already paying for the bulk of the thing, if anyone wants to come along, it’d cost them ~$200* for 6 (six) days in the Caribbean.

That’s it. Lemme know.
*: food and stuff like that is not included, but the place (like an apartment) will have a kitchen so we won’t have to eat out all the time. Oh yeah, you’d also have to book your own flight, so there is that, too. But other than that, it’s covered!

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It occurred to me that, if you didn’t want to go diving, then you could forget the ~$200.


I call dibs.

…except my passport is expired and I don’t think I can get a new one on such short notice.


Is this in the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands? Various websites imply the latter; you posted the former.

St. Thomas is in the USVI; I’ve had harder times getting into clubs than I did going there.

If I weren’t married I’d want to jump at this offer. :smiley: I had a wonderful time when I was there last. We stayed at Point Pleasant Resort, fed hibiscus blossoms to the local iguanas, snorkeled, bought some really funky pottery, and generally had a wonderful time.

Hmmm… veddy interestink.

IANADiver (yet), but that IS a hop and a skip from Miami…

I should send my husband with you - he loves diving and I prefer to stay above water. But he’s weird about meeting folks only “met” on-line, so I doubt he’d be willing. His loss, I guess.

Well, I’d go. However, I’ve never been scuba-diving, and I’m not really much of a swimmer so I’m afraid it would be wasted on me for the most part.

And if I’m still going to make it to Germany this fall, I might be stretching the vacation time… but it’s still within limits.

If nobody else wants to go, I’d probably take you up on the offer.

And I have my passport.

And there is an intense, 4-day PADI class here that MAY be available. I couldn’t take the whole week off, but there is a SLIGHT possibility of a long weekend. I would have to deal with an intensely jealous fiancee, though.

As thinksnow knows, I used to live there, and my bestest friend in the universe is still there.

She’s already offered to take thinks for a drink, so I’m sure you could all join them.

BTW, if you need any on-island advice, I’m still pretty up-to-date with stuff, so just email me.


Oh God I have always wanted to try scuba diving. I love swimming and snorkeling but you have to basically stay on the surface for that.

I can not think of anything else in this whole wide world that would be as fun as going scuba-ing with thinksnow on an island somewhere but alas real life conspires against me. I don’t have any vacation time available and my hubby probably wouldn’t like it too much if I went without him.

I guess I should have added some more of the details.

Where: St. Thomas, USVI (my bad)
Lodging: Point Pleasant Resort (most likely)
Dive shop: Chris Sawyer Diving Center (a 5 Star PADI diving facility)
You don’t dive, but want to learn? Check here.
Dates: either April 23-28 or May7-12.

Dive equipment is included in the cost. I’m going to dive the H.M.S. Rhone on Friday, but other than that, the schedule is clear (save that you must not dive the day before flying home.) I’m thinking a day trip to St. John is in order, IIRC, it’s a $20 ferry ride.

And yes, I owe a drink (at the least) to Anahita’s friend for her help throughout the planning of this all. She’s been ever so helpful.

So think, should I be buying my plane tickets any time soon? :wink:

Mmmm… Thinksnow…
You are a certified cutie patootie, darlin’. (Yep-I’e seen pics!)
If I wasn’t spoken for I’d jump at the chance to “go Carribean” with you.

I’m sure you and your guest will have a fantastic time.
Post pics for us when you return!

Nothing available in April, the dates are May7-12.

mrblue and lno, it’s up to y’all (the two Bills dropped out.)

Just so you know, if you plan on using FFMiles, say, with Delta, it’ll run you 60,000 of them. Just fyi.

Watch out for the moray eel that hangs out next to Dive World. He’s kind of a meanie, and unlike most morays, he’s not afraid to swim freely to get after whatever food you’re offering.

And if you happen to see Moe slingin’ booze slurpees at that joint across the parking lot from the Hard Rock Cafe, tell her it’s time to come home for awhile. We miss her.

So now that it’s down to two finalists, do we have to go to the showcase showdown?

“And to get around in those exotic locales… IT’S A BRAND NEW CAR!” :smiley:

I may just be crazy enough to do this. I’ll have a definite answer by the end of the week, unless mrblue beats me to it.

Oh… I could make solid plans right now (though I should probably do that whole “taxes” thing…), but since you saw the offer first, it’s your option.

Just need a few days to convince my employer to let me take that time off. If I’m rebuffed, you’re more than welcome to take my place.

(And thanks for giving me first crack. I’ll hoist a drink in your honor if I get down there, or hoist a drink in your honor and pray you don’t get the bends if you go.)