Visiting St. Thomas

The ship is anchoring out of Megan’s Bay in St. Thomas tomorrow morning. Any suggestions as to what I can see or do?
If you’ve been there before, it would be a big help.

Yes, you can beam me there!

The Virgin Islands is tops on my list of “someday” vacation sites. If I can see the future clearly, my wife and I will be taking a Caribbean cruise next spring and plan to include the VI on our itinerary. So have fun (but not too much fun) and take notes.

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Conquer it. C’mon, you know you want to. All the cool aircraft carriers conquer vacation paradises. Don’t you want to be cool? You’re not afraid, are you?

What? We own it already? Oh. Try scuba diving. Most of these islands have tourist courses that don’t involve a whole certification thing. I did it in Hawaii and it was teriffic.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Chief, I haven’t been to St. Thomas since I was a sprout, but I DO remember that the liquor there is quite inexpensive.

If I were in your shoes, I’d plan on at least a day of swaggering through the streets with a quart of good Haitian rum clasped in one of my hairy paws, pinching the bottoms of shapely native girls. But then I have a strange idea of a good time.

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If you’ve got the time for a full day and the motivation to avoid tourists, take the ferry over to St John (ca. 45 minutes). It is the antithesis of St. Thomas – uncrowded, not touristy, small-time. You can go to the the national park there and do the underwater snorkel trail. For some cool St. John links try:

Of course, if you like tourists, stick to St. Thomas.


Eissclam –

Cool. Don’t know if I’ll have a whole day, what with all the ship visitors and such, but St. John sounds great.
My main goal s to get away from all the guys I’ve been locked up on board with for the last two and a half weeks.

Uke Ike –
Ah, those were the days! But I think GBS would have somthing to say about my pawing scantily clad native lasses. I’ll always have memories though! (Rio – 1987. Now that was liberty!)

And just in case BluePony sticks his nose in this thread – Nyah, nyah nyah!

How about a “non-touristy” place where I can grab a beer and watch some football, on island?

Chief, you know GEORGE BERNARD SHAW? Paint ME impressed!!! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind; hell, he’d probably be pawing them right ahead of you.

Naw. Girlbysea.

Oh! [embarassment] Here I’ve been racking my brain for some maritime morals organization that could fit the acronym “GBS.”

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