St. Thomas help

I am about to go to St. Thomas with my girlfriend.
She has been theer before, I never have.
I was wondering if anyone knew of some nice places in the area to go.
We are planning on going to St. Johns while we are there, so I could also use some advice there.

I am looking for some nice places to go, romantic, fun, all of that good stuff.

Also, how would I get a guitar there without buying another seat on the plane? It doesn’t sound like the airline will let me bring it without buying a seat…(buncha crap)

or maybe, is there somewhere on the island where I could rent a guitar?

any help is greatly appreciated…

Oh. I thought a Doper in the Nashville area needed help to get to St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Been there twice. Spend as much time as you can on St. John. It’s beautiful and there’s outdoor activities and unspoiled beaches galore. St. Thomas can be rather unpleasant in town, especially when there’s 2-3 cruise ships in port.

As far as the guitar goes, you can check it if you have a hard case (soft cases are not practical anyway), just detune the strings so there’s no tension.

Minnesota is awefully cold this time of year, I’d pack warmly. (You may want to be a little more specific on which St. Thomas and St. Johns you are referring to next time.)

No, it’s great here! Temperatures almost up above freezing, so the miniscule amount of snow we’ve gotten this year should be mostly gone by the weekend.

Have fun in the sun!

My wife and I were in the VI for a wedding last winter and stayed at the Maho Bay Camps in St. John and had an absolute ball. Really, really cheap, beautiful and secluded, with plenty to do if you want and plenty of relaxing areas if you’re not up for doing much of anything. Also, the place is very environmentally friendly, if that matters at all to you.