Anyone want a kitty? (Cleveland/Akron or Atlanta/Athens)

This is an update on the stray kitty thread from earlier this month.

The downstairs neighbors of Dan’s old apartment [it was a house divided into three apartments] moved out. They were the ones who had been feeding the cat. Dan moved the last of his stuff out this week, and when we were over there the other day the cat came SPRINTING from two yards away when we pulled in. Immediately flopped over on my foot and started wanting attention. I decided that based on that, this kitty didn’t have a home somewhere else. It was obviously desperate. Since we knew it wasn’t getting fed anymore we decided to bring it home and feed it while we try to find a home for it. It’s a boy, by the way. Extremely sweet. We were in two cars coming back to the new house from Dan’s apartment and the cat rode with me. After about 5 minutes of climbing all over the car freaking out, he curled up in my lap and purred for the rest of the drive.

So now we have to find a home for the little guy. We’re driving to Atlanta/Athens tomorrow for Dan’s brother’s wedding, so if anyone in that area wants a cat let me know and we can bring him with us. Otherwise, anyone in the Cleveland/Akron/Canton area want a kitty?

Oh, he’s a beauty.

I doubt we’d be able to take him, but I’ll check around and see if anyone else in this area is looking for a kitty.

No thanks, I’m full.

I take it he is an outdoor cat? Can they be indoorized easily? Do cats and dogs generally tend to get along? I’ve never had a cat or even taken care of one, so I am going to have to say probably not. He is very cute, though, I’ll ask around. Any idea how old he is?

He is gorgeous!
That is all I am going to say because I’m close to squeeeeeing.

For anyone else on the Dope who is within a couple hours drive of Topeka, Kansas, I have a twelve week old yellow kitty who needs a home. I’d take him but I have two cats in the apartment already. He’s litter trained, has the feline distemper shot(not old enough for the rabies shot yet), and tested free of the FLV. I’ll send him off with a bed, food, litter, and enough money for the rabies shot. I’m trying to learn how to post pics to the Dope, if I do figure it out I’ll show him to you all.

I wish I could keep him, and the one in the OP too!

They can be indoorized easily–he’s indoors at my house right now as I don’t let my cats outside. He’s used the litterbox and not gotten into any trouble. As for the dog, it depends on the dog. No earthly idea how old he is.

Opal, how’s he getting along with your other kitties?

After having had a small zoo at my place I am down to one dog. It’s nice and peaceful that way and the hair balls are at a minimum. I’ll keep asking around for you. Although, I keep looking at the pic and just want to give him a big ol’ bear hug. Cats don’t like that do they?

This cat likes bear hugs. He likes pretty much any form of attention.
He’s doing well with the other kitties–he is very submissive which is exactly the right thing to do. He isn’t challenging their control and so they’ve mellowed pretty quickly. There are still growls and yowls but it’s a lot better than it was the first night.

This is the most talkative kitty I’ve ever seen, by the way. He will just carry on the longest conversations with you!