MADs: Kitty in search of new digs...

As many of you MADs know, I moved to Atlanta in January. At the end of the summer I will be taking custody of Ding, my oldest cat (she’s 15). Kaia and Sparky will be staying with my husband.

However, he doesn’t want to keep Tornado, and Tornado picks on Ding so I don’t want him either. It sucks, because I love him… but poor Ding is getting old and I hate seeing her spend all her time hiding from Tornado.

And so I’m left with a cat who needs a home.

Tornado is a very sweet cat, but he’s feisty. He loves to play and he plays kinda rough. He’s all black and medium-sized. Short hair. Neutered. Has been an indoor cat all of his life, but would probably do OK outdoors as long as there were no busy roads nearby. He’s also grown up around a big (120+ lb) dog and a kid, so he is good with dogs and kids.

He’s currently in Centreville (30 min west of DC right off of 66) but I may be able to travel some to get him to you when I go up to get Ding…

Anyone need a kitty?

I’m in Ohio, but my sister and various other family is in Centreville - I’ll have her ask around her neighbors and see if anyone would like to take Tornado.

I wish I could take him, but my husband would disagree, and we’re not coming out there for awhile.


Oh, and if he finds a home and somehow it doesn’t work out, I really don’t want him dumped in a shelter or something so I’d take him back and try to find him a new home again.

I wouldn’t allow you to give him to anyone I know who might do that. I’m vehemently against it.

I emailed my sister, and she’s asking her neighbors - she said her one neighbor has been talking about getting a pet for his daughter, so she thinks he might be interested in Tornado. Would he do okay in a townhouse with a basement? It’s not huge, but it’s not tiny either.


That’s what he lives in right now :slight_smile:

I’d like to - I’m in Vienna, VA - but I already have two cats and my grumpy SO won’t let me have any more. :frowning: :mad:

Awww… but having dozens and dozens of cats is what makes life worth living, right? :wink: