Anyone want to come take a walk in the woods with me...come on let's go!

Here is the thread about wondrous places. Astro’s thread about what you do when you are alone and loving it inspired this one. Because I love walking in the woods, especially my back wood. Smells of deep hickory, sweet maples, Oaky twinges ever so often.

Recently I was bombarded by a hoard of squirrels throwing half eaten chestnuts at me. It was very fun watching them follow me from the tops of the canopy.

The winding path in front of you leads where?

Anyone want to tell of their special places? Or experiences for that matter?

My mom told me not to go for walks in the woods with strangers. :wink:

I was walking in the woods one time at night with my SO. We were feeling amorous and really couldn’t wait. So we were doing what people do in situations like that…

(wait for it)

When a HOCKEY-MASKED KILLER leaped out and skewered us both!!!

(“You’ll LIKE Camp Crystal Lake!” Thanks Mom and Dad.)

Early morning, with a cup of cocoa and a book and a towel tucked under my arm wandering down a wooded path to the lakeside. Trying not to upset the ducks in their nests as I go by, noticing the wildflowers and ignoring the crows. It’s a peaceful way to start the day. After a bit of reading I’ll hear someone coming down the path. Betcha pancakes for breakfast its a boy wearing nothing but a sleepy grin and a board suit wanting to know if he can have a ski- before I make breakfast.

Go into the woods with a strange man? Haven’t I seen this movie before?

Oh come on now GMRyujin - I’ll leave a bread crumb trail…:wink:

This is a snap-shot of 1980, when my dad would have his coffee down on the dock, I was 12…I’d come running down the path hoping he’d pull me on my now ‘untied-together’ training skis…:slight_smile:

I’ll come along if we’re going to pass by any nookiness.

I’ve got 4 acres, half of which is a pine tree farm. The wife & I like to walk through there sometimes at night, when it’s really peaceful.

One night, I was feeling “froggy” while we were on one of our walks, and unzipped my fly, and put my wang in her hand.

She said “No thanks, you know I don’t smoke.”

Back in my New England days, I spent most of my time out in the woods. Growing up in CT, it was across the street from my parent’s house in the state forest, just running around. When I moved to Vermont, I spent almost every weekend on either Camel’s Hump or Mt. Mansfield, usually hiking by myself. The stillness, the smells, man I wish we had forests out here in la-la land.

I guess my favorite hike was climbing up Camel’s Hump in February at night. There was a full moon, so a few of us decided to go, starting at 4pm. It was about -25F at the top, and the wind was blowing at about 30 to 40mph, but the stars were incredible. Hiking back down in the moonlight, the trees covered in snow. It’s hard to describe, but it was beautiful.

Thanks for reminding me, Phlosphr. :slight_smile: