Anyone want to help me find an ironic story

I’m sure that when it happened someone had to have started a thread on it or because this is such an weird story someone has to remember this…I’m having trouble finding a cite and my computer is painfully slow tonight.

This is what im looking for; there was this preacher who went around protesting gay and lesbian funerals saying “God Hates Fags” and then later he was arrested for trying to get a 14 year old boy to have sex with him.
I know it’s true because I heard it on the news radio station although it may have happened over a year ago…I’m sure it’s still in computerland somewhere.

The first part of your story sounds like Fred Phelps, but if HE, of all people, had been caught with a fourteen year old boy, it would’ve been all over the news.

Oh, and just because you heard it on some news radio show does NOT make it true.

Here ya go (First link I found; it may not be the best)