Anyone want to play me in Letterpress?

I’ve had this game on my iPod, but no one to play. It is a word game and there is a free version. It uses Game Center as well. Also, it does not require simultaneous play, so we can take time to take turns.

Post here if you want me to start a game with you, or just start one with me. My name there is also Mahaloth.

Post here or pm me too, if you could so I know you are from the Dope. Thanks!

Gosh, anyone?

I like this game, and I’m unlikely to drop out of it for a while like I did to you with Draw Something. I’m “whoaitsabrett”

Cool. I didn’t see how to directly start a game with you, so I sent a “friend” request, something I’ve not done before. I assume that will work if you accept it.

I had no idea that you could defend letters by surrounding them. That really changes the strategy…or at least makes me think a bit.

Yeah, sometimes smaller plays that use surrounding letters is the better play. “Want” might be less exciting than “baptizing,” but it sealed the win.

I’ve never heard of it. Gonna go check it out…

Which illustrates why it is important to not leave easily used letters as final unused letters for the other guy. Good win.

What is your username there?

I’ve been playing a lot of Letterpress and enjoying it - I am “Brainiac4” in Game Center as well. Yay for alias consistency!