Anybody playing Draw Something?

After reading a lot of news stories about Zynga buying this game, I decided to see what all the hooplah was about. Does anyone else play this? I have been playing it on an iPad, which seems pretty well suited to it.

When it’s good, it’s really good. I have several games going at once, and a couple of them are with extremely creative and intuitive people–nobody can really draw worth a hoot, but that doesn’t matter–the point is, can you get the word(s) across with a drawing…and can you interpret other’s drawings? On the other hand, like every game for phones (both iOS and Android), you get a lot of kids. Some just write the word out for you. I had one this morning that I could not figure out (you don’t just use the drawing, there are letters in a word scramble type of thing to help you). The picture made no sense and it was a fairly long word. Had to be a young person–turned out the word was “music box” and she had drawn an old-fashioned radio…

Yes, and I’d like to play with other Dopers sometime. My nickname is the same as on here.

I linked mine up with Facebook, but I’m pretty sure you can still find me as “enalzi”

I think the best part is that you get the watch the thing being drawn. I’ve started using them as little animations to help solve the picture.

Fun game. Kinda buggy and it crashes a lot, but it’s a blast when you are playing with people who follow the rules.

What are the rules? For that matter WHERE are the rules? I’d love to set some baselines. Rebuses I assume are allowed, but not writing words on the screen, but what about sound effect words like making a comic book illustration, or speech bubbles?

I downloaded the app on my iPhone and it just dumps me into a menu to

(1) Create Game by userid
(2) Select from current games
(3) Find / Invite friends on FB or via e-mail
(4) Shop for coins

That’s it. No rules. The “Settings” menu has no rules, just my account setup, a toggle for game sounds and a “Help” button that redirects to a web page

which is some kind of forum for reporting problems.

“Rules” meaning the commonly understand Pictionary rules that we all know and love. Basically no words, letters or numbers. These aren’t defined in the game anywhere, and couldn’t be monitored if they were, it’s simply a on your honor sort of thing.

And year, the UI and support is practically non-existent. It’s still a underdeveloped game.

Yeah, I just don’t play anyone if they start writing out words. Although sounds are okay. For example, I drew fireworks and then wrote BOOM

Just downloaded the ipad app

Same username as here

I have created games with Labtrash and enalzi. :slight_smile:

nice pic for vomit !!

How do you “end” a game?

The Olympic rings helped with javelin.

I had this question, too. Someone said exit the game and come back, but that just takes me to where I was when I left. If someone is just writing the word or the like, I get to the point of sending my sketch, which puts me in the player screen. When you are at your list of players, if you swipe left -> right across the name of the person you want to get away from, a red Delete will come up. The person will get a notification that you have resigned from the game. That seems to do it. If you tap Pass in the upper right, you will still be in a game with that person, but back to turn 1.

I haven’t had any crashes and have played several times a day for perhaps a week on iPad.

I occasionally write words just to clarify. It’s hard to draw a convincing cow, so if I need a cow for “farm” or something, I make my vaguely animal-like form and then put “cow” under it.

I added everyone in the thread. Name is Babbabbab, I think

Apparently it listed my real name. Since I don’t want to share that, let’s just say I played slippers and ghost.

Eta’ the horrible Pegasus was mine too

I play - I’m ellbeecee on there. I do occasionally use letters/words/numbers (usually due to my poor drawing skills), but that’s to highlight things like LegsAkimbo said - I’m getting better, though, so that’s happening less and less.

I play on my phone (samsung galaxy s2) and after the last update it stopped working completely. It went to the black screen but wouldn’t swipe over to the blue facebook sign in screen. If it happens to any of you, I had to uninstall then reinstall. I was worried I’d lose all my games but I didn’t, thankfully. I can’t draw, use words, and really only play with friends (irl) but I’m just putting that out there in case someone else has a similar problem and doesn’t want to give up the game forever.

I did not know it compressed words. I guessed “lorax”

It was “thelorax”


One of you guys drew a cell phone with notes. I was trying to remember the name of the double note (eighth notes, duh) and was sure that was it… it was ringtone!!!

your deer looks like a :Dmoose!!