Anyone watch NOVA last night (Japan's Killer Quake)?)

You can watch it online here if you missed it.

The tsunami footage was particularly impressive. It was quite fascinating that they discovered the reason the 30-foot sea walls failed to contain the 30-foot tsunami was because the earthquake had lowered everything 3 feet. There was also footage from an American in a park somewhere in Japan filming the ground pulsing open and close beneath his feet.

I can’t believe I missed this. Thanks for posting link.

Caught it last night and again today on an alternate PBS station. It’s some of the best reporting I’ve seen on the quake and its aftermath.

Got it on my DVR, but haven’t watched it yet.

NOVA is by far the best science show on TV. I hope they don’t replace it with the dumbed-down version “NOVA ScienceNow”.

this is the second quick show they have done.

it was good. a good amount of footage that wasn’t in the news. good explanation of how the tsunami could do the damage that it did.

Saw it - the scene in the park with the crack in the Earth moving was awesome (in every sense of the word)


I just finished watching it (slow day at work) and I think I pretty much sat here with my jaw on the floor the entire time. The footage is incredible and I appreciate that everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand. I learned a lot this morning and forwarded the video to friends and family.