Anyone watching 'Gigi Does It' ?

It’s on IFC. It is one of the oddest premises/acting combinations I’ve seen. It’s about a old Jewish woman in her 70’s whose cheapskate husband dies and it turns out she has four million dollars and she gets to live it up! But the old Jewish woman (I keep wanting to call her ‘nice old Jewish lady’ but that sounds off to my ears–you’ll see why) is played by David Krumholtz.

Yes, the guy from Numb3rs. Yes, him. In some of the best old age/gender switching makeup and body language that I have ever seen.

It’s part Borat/Jackass-esque (I’m pretty sure some of the people don’t know that it’s not a real old lady saying horrible things.)(Until after.) And she says some horrible things. It’s surreal and very hilarious.

I’ve always liked that actor and I was watching @midnight and he was on as a contestant as a promo, I guess. Once I heard the premise, I had to see it.

Besides that @midnight, I’ve not seen anything about it, and I’m wondering if I’m making it up in my head or something.

I’ve never actually seen the show, but promo videos have shown up in my Facebook feed for a couple of months now. They seem hilarious.

Thanks for giving us the lowdown on what this show is about. I’ve seen the promos but had no idea it was a put-on, and I sure didn’t know Gigi is a man, baby! Now I definitely want to check it out.

I can’t be better than “Jon He Does It”, though.

Yay! Other people have heard of it! It’s not some fever dream that shows up in my DVR queue.

I think the makeup is what blew my mind at first. Now, I just think, "That Gigi is a crazy ol’ heifer!’

I’ve seen the promos. Amazing how much they made him look like Renée Taylor.

Here’s a good article that explains how the show came about. I love David Krumholtz, and this really seems like a labor of love, but I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to watch.