Snl 4/11

Truly it sucked. There was only one good skit and that was the underage bar scene.
Loved the ‘gerbils’.

I thought the girl chasing the train was pretty good.

I’m so over Kristin Wiig I can’t see straight. Really just done with her.

And they missed a great opportunity to tart Zac Efron up like Eurotrash and have him sing some ridiculous club anthem in a “Deep House Dish” skit. Getting a host who can sing should be exploited more than they did.

Next week’s host is Justin Timberlake. If they give us Homelessville, Barry Gibb Talkshow and Burned Lip Stocker with Target Cashier Lady, I’ll be a happy camper.

I recorded it on my dvr, but that was only for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I skipped through the actual show.

Kosher easter food blessed by rabbits.

Are you sure that’s not just a rerun? They never make the distinction when they announce who’s hosting the following week (and I seem to recall JT hosted fairly recently).

That episode was amazingly awful. There have been some crappy ones over the past few years, but this one was just depressing. Boring political opening? Check. At least two skits featuring the least funny being on Earth, Kristen Wiig? Check. Multiple sketches that are mind numbingly similar to previous ones? Check. I would have had a more entertaining Saturday night hanging myself. Sheesh.

Well yeah, auto-erotic asphyxiation is always fun.

I thought the Eastside High Commencement Speech, one year later, was pretty funny.

Walt Disney (even though he looked nothing like Walt) had the best two lines in that sketch- “I was thawed out recently…most would blame global warming, but I think it has something to do with Jews” and “Disney characters aren’t supposed to age- look at Mickey Mouse or Lindsay Lohan.”

I can’t understand how people earning thousands of dollars a week can actually come up with a sketch like Gillie (the “…sorry…” schoolgirl) and not realize it absolutely sucks… and then have it as a recurring character! I don’t know how often the character’s been featured but I know I’ve seen it at least twice; it’s a one joke premise-

Something terrible happens to another student, the clueless teacher assigns blame to everyone but the right person, then when he calls her name she says “sorry…”.

And not once, but several times. What’s funny about that and who the hell didn’t realized it sucks? If you hadn’t seen Zac Efron’s legs it would have been a complete waste.

Zac Efron’s undeniably hot but he’s not much of an actor yet is he? Of course his roles haven’t really required it, but before he breaks out of teen comedies he’s going to have to take some lessons.

What I loved about that joke was that I worked for that pet food company (Evanger’s) for about a year doing in-store demos at pet stores around Chicagoland. Their factory and everything is based up in Wheeling. They’re good people. And the joke was hilarious!

Wiig is in heavy rotation and it is easy to understand why as she is very talented and versatile. The problem is that I think we’re all getting a bit overdosed on her, like when heavy radio play burns out that song you liked.

Weekend Update was good, and I thought Efron’s German accent was hilarious (my wife teaches German, which has something to do with that), but I fast-forwarded Wiig’s parts in the same sketch. The underage bar was pretty funny, and the HSM commencement was freaking awesome.

The show needs to dump Wiig, but she’ll stick on longer than Horatio Sanz.

I hope I am not stepping on any toes, but a bit of a hijack to adress the Kristen Wiig comments---- I have to agree that she is one of the least funny cast members who has been on the show for a long time (though there are several before her who were equally as bad) but is it just me who finds her the single most attractive woman who has ever been on SNL???

She is one of the hottest women on television today, and there is no one else I can think of in SNL’s history who I think is in her league, looks wise…

I also think Tina Fey is stunning (while also being obviously very intelligent and clever) but Kristen Wiig is flat out gorgeous. Jan Hooks was also really beautiful, but not close to Wiig.

Of course this is all my subjective opinion: I would like to hear what you all think.

What about you? Who do you think was the best looking SNL cast member?


Good question. Thats a lot of members. My choice would be the ‘bad’ years, Gail Matthius. But Julia louis Drefuss was also.
Guys-not sure, have to think about it.

For male, Gary Kroeger (improv partner of Brad Hall and Julia Louis D. before SNL) and Jimmy Fallon, both of whom were also among the most talentless.

Tamara, thanks for letting me piggyback on your thread…

For any Dopers out there who cares to, feel free to list the best looking male cast members as well…

(and yeah, Julia Louis Drefuss is very attractive)

I don’t know…I think Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Tina Fey, Chris Elliot’s daughter, that voluptuous brunette in the current cast and possibly Janeane Garafolo all beat Kristin Wiig in terms of looks. I could never really make up my mind about Maya Rudolph.

I forgot about Janeane Garafolo, who I always thought was really, really attractive…

(I remember she was in a movie with Uma Thurman and I was much more drawn to JG than Uma----My friends all thought I was tetched)

Still, Kristen Wiig has a certain look that absolutly captivates me.

Casey Wilson. That’s the brunette’s name. I think she looks like a sexier version of Janeane Garafolo.