Sarah Palin on SNL tonight

Anyone else surprised at this? Has SNL ever had such a polarizing political guest?

What can they do with her? She wouldn’t agree to appear as herself in a skit, would she? Tina Fey as Palin is funny, but Palin as Palin – not so much.

Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to it.

Oh the Huge Manatee! This is going to be a big horrible entertaining mess!

I figure the joke will be that she’s mistaken for Tina Fey.

Yeah. No need to tune in, really.

I saw or read someplace that they were going to do a parody of Tina Fey’s American Express commercial with Palin playing Fey.

The only way I think I’d be entertained is if Palin gets booed again.

Maybe she will appear on Weekend Update and say “Tina, you ignorant slut”.

Perhaps a Spartacus-like scene, with Tina Fey and several others dressed as Palin, saying “I am Sarah Palin!”- maybe at a press conference or something.

Maybe not, but everything after Nixon’s four-word 1968 Laugh-In appearance (Sock it to… me?) has been anticlimax.

That’d just get 'em going again about the left coast liberal elite. I don’t want anything to happen that the campaign can use to their advantage.

Never mind. Whatever happens will be used to their advantage.

I like this idea. I’m Sarah Palin dammit! It should be funny if Fey is the writer.

How about the show opens…and since we all expect to see the real Palin, we see…Palin, who later turns out to be Fey?

Or vice-versa?

Maybe they play twins?

The comedy mind boogles.

Heh heh, you said “boogles”!:p;)

I did? I meant to say, “BOOGGERRR!!!..”

I can only hope that she’s in the opening skit, and then when Weekend Update happens, they’ll take a dig at her for appearing on SNL but not a press conference.

IIRC, Josh Brolin is the host tonight. He made a great W. in “W.” and I hope he plays Bush tonight. That is more interesting to me than Palin on the show.

She didn’t do too bad at all.

And w00t for the Marky Mark cameo.

That was cleverly written, but Palin is still a despicable skank.

Alec Baldwin- rabidly Democrat (though ain’t nobody braggin’) and not known for his uber-sanity or self control. That was damned risky.

Unless— it was filmed earlier.

I wonder if they’d threatened the audience with poison gas and or starved Rottweillers not to boo.

Would like to have seen her with Tina Fey for more than a second and a half. Preferably with Dawn Wells as their lookalike mom. I guess a Patty Duke sketch with William Schallert as McCain would have been too much to hope for.

Reckon she’ll be on again tonight?

I would think so, since I’m pretty sure Schallert is dead. :wink:

I loved that show.

ETA: Holy shit! He’s alive! I was thinking of Sidney Sheldon. Sorry.

She was OK, but no great shakes (compare her with McCain on Letterman). Fay was funny; Palin had nothing but straight lines. It like they didn’t trust her with comedy.