Saturday Night Live 10/7 (spoilers)

I predict lots of pederasty jokes and a Kim Jong-Il sketch.

OMG! It’s been a hoot! The dykish reporter had me on the floor. This is really an incredible…three funny skits and almost an hour still left to go.

The opening worried me, I thought it was flat and forced, but the rest of the show has been fairly funny. The Reporter skit at the dealership was actually funny and the Musical group sounded very good. The other Skit with Amy Poeller as a talking head was painful however.
The Peter O’Tool bit in the update was great!


Definately better than last weeks.

Good lord, it’s usually worse than this?!

The Boy Scout Commercial was a little weird. I couldn’t even tell who was in it besides Poehler. What was the punchline even supposed to be?

The reporter skit was OK, but Peter O’Toole was the high point!

Maya Rudolph is forever hot!sigh

Just now watching it on DVR (I was at work), but her opening monologue was great, with the “no Southern jokes” thing. And she can SING! Who knew?

But why’d she say Peggy Lee was Southern? Peggy Lee was from North Dakota; only Southern if Canada is your reference point.

Who was the host? I can’t place her, but I know her. She was definitely unpainful to watch. The skits, however, didn’t even amuse me all that much.

The host was Jaime Pressly, who plays Earl’s ex-wife Joy on “My Name Is Earl.”

Loved the Peter O’Toole impression, loved the “New York Stories” bits; Fred Armisen did pitch-perfect Lou Reed and Fran Lebowitz impressions.

I also liked the last short skit, with the two women enjoying cider. I’d have liked to see it go on a bit longer, to see where they could have taken it; I thought it ended too soon.

But the “Big Wigs” sketch: Ouch.

Yeesh. I’m with Eve. C-SPAN is a hell of a lot funnier than this and last week’s SNL. Both were disasters more or less equal to the worst of the lost years. They desperately need new writers, right now.

Tina, we miss you!!

I thought this episode was WAY worse than the previous one, with multiple absolute misses, nothing that was really solid, and only one really good item (the Peter O’Toole thing).

Usually I like SNL more than the cynics, but not this week.

Put me in the camp with Eve and Ambushed - 10/7 SNL was definitely un-funny to me. Jaime Pressly was good, though she could not save the bad writing choices imo. I didn’t “get” the NY Sketches skits at all - totally not funny to me. I confess to not watching the entire show, so maybe other skits weren’t as bad, but the ones I saw stunk. I didn’t see the point of the lady reporter getting all hot and bothered by Jaime Pressly - what’s humerous about that? That she’s making a fool of herself on tv? That she couldn’t restrain her lust? gah.

At 3 AM, NBC shows “classic” SNL - this is what I awoke to a little while ago. It was from 2000, and featured a debate between Gore and Dubya (and I gotta say, Gore was -nearly- as bad as Bush!); it was so much more funny than the earlier show from this season. What a contrast! Even their tv commercial rips this year have so far been off - this classic show had “Corn chip nail tips,” and while it wasn’t the funniest, it was better than what we’ve seen this year.

I’ve always found the cartoons by Robert Smiegel (sp?) to be great–have they showed any of them yet? I’ll keep tuning in, but gotta say that I’m disappointed so far. Heh. Hard to believe how long it’s been on the air; the Not Ready for Prime Time Players (original cast) didn’t always gel together in skits, but boy were they good when they were ON. Land Shark anyone? “Candygram!”

The ONLY thing that worked for me was “Peter O’Toole” and that was only mildly amusing. The musical guest was listenable, but nothing to write home about.

They need to hire whoever is in charge of the Capital One Commercials to start writing for them – these skits have been almost painful to watch. I gave up after Weekend Update. I thought Pressley could help raise the bar, but, no, the writing is so bad that not even she could save this disaster. If anything were truly opposite this, it would be toast. They really need to find a whole new vibe – new talent, new, producer – the whole Meggilah.

Two shows and the biggest laugh was “Gimme a Reason Bert” they are crying for new blood.

Still waiting for the obligiuatory “this show hasn’t been good since 1979” chime-in. Maybe it’s just my mom and TV Guide who does that?

I still think SNL is the #1 reason to own a DVR. The moment I saw what Big Wigs was going to be, I couldn’t reach for my remote faster, even if it did have Forte in it. No idea who the music guest was, but it wasn’t my style anyway. Who thought it’d be a good idea to do two Foley-related sketches in a row? I was hoping for at least a full-on attack on the “lets turn pedophilia into reality comedy” Dateline specials, rather than a throwaway line.
The reporter-with-a-crush sketch was bizarrely brilliant.

I liked the Peter O-Toole bit, and the New York sketches were worth it for the Yoko Ono impression. I thought everything else was terrible.

I actually thought Big Wigs had potential, how can you go wrong? It’s tough talking business people with huge wigs on. Comedy Gold, then I got to watch SNL writers mangle it to hell.

Can they please do something about the damn rehearsal process? I’m sickened by the fact that everyone is reading off of cue cards. They may as well be holding the script in their hands. Here’s an idea, write something in advance, then practice it a couple of times.

Oh, and Kenan, please stop smirking. The instant you walk into a scene, there’s this stupid grin on your face, be a damn professional already.

The lesbian reporter sketch made me feel uncomfortable. Why was it funny? Because she was a lesbian? It just went on for too long.

I liked the NY stories, especially the Rosie Perez impersonation. And although the ghetto-acting Jaime Presley/Keenan sketch shouldn’t have made me laugh, it did.

I always stop watching after the Weekend Update. Seems like I missed some potentially good spots.

I like O’Toole on update too.

I liked the Nancy Grace imitation - but it was almost more like a Mad Magazine Parody come to life - than a true funnee sketch.

I laughed – hard and outloud - at the Weekend Update Ramadan Masturbation joke – that is why I keep watching Update is usually good for a couple laughs and the sketches rarely bore more and occasionally make me laugh.

Kirsten Wiig as the reporter, Amy Poehler as Nancy Grace, Fred Armisen in all three New York Stories, Bill Heder as Peter O’ Toole = comedy gold. Best episode in a looooong time. Jamie Pressley as the ghetto girl was also good. How cool is it to have a young guy like Heder to even know who O’Toole is, let alone spend the time to perfect an impersonation of him? Armisen is a God. How the hell can an episode with only a week to prepare for be better than the season premiere with a whole summer to prepare for? Oh well. Being high while watching it didn’t hurt any either.

You know what the sign of bad writing is? The sign of bad writing is when someone says, “I know, let’s do a skit about a couple of big-wigs, and they’re people with big wigs on!”

And someone green-lights it.

How can anyone with any kind of comedy writing chops not throw their pencil at anyone who would suggest that? As soon as I saw the big wigs, my hand flew for the remote control.