Heard Here First - Palin on SNL

Well – maybe. At least that’s my prediction, and here it goes:

Sometime in the next 4 weeks, Sarah Palin will make an un-announced surprise appearance on SNL. The show will open with another interview segment showing Palin making un-informed, silly answers to a series of political questions. The interviewer then references the recent SNL skits and talks about Tina Fey’s impressions of her (Sarah Palin). After that, the interviewer says something to the effect of – well, here with more insight on the Sarah Palin skits is . . . . . Tina Fey. In walks Tina Fey, and for the first time, the audience realizes that it was really Sarah Palin playing herself, and not Fey doing an imitation.

At least that’s my prediction (I hope this is the right forum for this). I actually think it would be good for Palin – it would show that she has a sense of humor and has thick enough skin not to take it too personally. Plus – assuming that Palin could pull it off, it’d be pretty darn funny.

I think it would be funnier if Sarah Palin came out doing a Tina Fey impersonation.

It’s not like you couldn’t tell them apart.

They don’t look that much alike. Their faces aren’t the same shape and Tina Fey has longer and darker hair, for starters. Maybe more importantly, these appearances always get leaked out beforehand. Maybe it’d be a surprise to the SNL audience, but most of the people watching at home would know about it, which sort of saps any drama there.

I do think it’s a surprise Palin hasn’t done SNL yet, but they probably have two or three election specials ahead.

Since we’re talking TV here, I’m going to move this to Cafe Society.

Not a chance. Palin hasn’t even held a press conference! For her to show up on SNL given her continued inaccessibility would be disingenuous after her “I hate the librul elite!” pronouncements.

Plus, she hasn’t really demonstrated that she has the self-awareness and thick skin that is required to be a meta-joke on SNL. She hasn’t shown an ability to laugh at herself, and I certainly haven’t seen one moment of honest, candid, self-deprecation from her.

SNL isn’t in the business of giving political tools free air time. And so far, that’s all she’s proven to be thus far. That, and dynamite material for the show, of course.

Well - first, I’d suggest that being on SNL is a lot easier than holding a press conference. She wouldn’t have to think on her feet or do anything unscripted - she’d just have to read cue cards. And she’s already shown an ability to speak in front of big crowds. Second - I can’t imagine SNL saying no to the opportunity - but on this, I could certainly be wrong.

I do think your other point is perhaps the most valid - she may well not have the self-awareness and thick skin necessary to “get” the joke (there’s not much to suggest that she does). But if she did - I think it could make for one great skit. I also think it would be good for her image.