Did Sarah Palin really dress as Tina Fey for Halloween?

I saw an interview with Sarah Palin where she was asked about Tina Fey’s impression of her on SNL (she said she watched it with the volume down). She was asked about her resemblance, and she said that she actually went as Tina Fey one Halloween.

This seemed odd to me - how would someone dress as Tina Fey as a Halloween costume? Would someone really do this, even if people had pointed out your resemblance to that person? I’ve had a lot of people tell me I look like Meatloaf, but I would never dress as Meatloaf for Halloween, nor could I even imagine how to begin doing so. It strikes me as a kind of off-the-cuff white lie to make a joke about something, but I’m wondering if there is any more info out there (i.e. a source saying “Sarah Palin went as Tina Fey at X Halloween Party in 2002”).

I would answer, but I read your post with the brightness turned down and my war injuries make typing impossible.

Black pants, black boots, ruffled white shirt. As Edwardian coat and wave handkerchief as needed. Long brown hair.

I have a strong sense that Palin’s comic timing needs a little tune-up, if this wasn’t immediately seen as a joke.

For 51/2 years, John McCain did not have any Halloweens.

Buddy Hacket: Johnny, ask me what the secret to great comedy.
Johnny Carson: What’s the sec…
Buddy: TIMING!!!

Thanks! I’ll consider that for next Halloween (won’t be able to afford the shirt or pants by this one, though).

I read this too, somewhere, and the tone of the article was matter-of-fact. I too, was wondering how you dress up as someone who’s most visible role was anchoring Weekend Update.

I saw the actual interview, and she didn’t really come across as joking, but it didn’t sound honest, either.

She just dressed normal and then God told all of the other attendees about the Tina Fey thing. And it was so.

One of the funniest moments ever on The Tonight Show. :smiley: And Penn Jellette also mentioned it in one of his books (I think it was “How To Play In Traffic.”)

Missed the edit window, this is what I meant to have on my post:

It reminded me of a certain type of person who always makes up little stories about themselves, not exactly a habitual liar in the typical sense. I think most people know the kind of person who would tell a similar lie - i.e. if someone told a person they looked like Meatloaf, they might say “Yeah, I went as Meatloaf for Halloween” but not “Yeah, I won a Meatloaf impersonation contest once”. That’s the impression I got.

Maybe she meant Tammy Faye (Baker).

Never mind. Not suitable for GQ.

And this was?

Eh, was it some sort of grand costume ball or just a friendly get together? Was she entered in a contest? Trick or treating w/ the kids even?

I mean, last costume party I put on a paper painter’s suit, latex gloves, work boots, protective goggles, little plastic shovel & broom, and a name tag stating I was ‘Mike Rowe - Dirty Jobs - Discovery Channel’ (because I look nothing like him, of course) -some people got it, some didn’t know who he was (and if not, I stated Porn Star), no biggie.

Maybe Sarah wore a name tag ‘Tina Fey - SNL - NBC’

Or maybe she’ll go as Mike Rowe this year.


Sarah Palin knows all about Tina Fey; she can see her from her house.

I dunno about the whole Halloweenie thing, but, gotta note; Amy Sedaris is closer to Palin’s facial structure, and could do an amazing job of portraying Palin. Bouffanted Heads Up for Mr. Colbert, her long time pal in taking task.

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