Snl 11-1-08

Okay, I’ll give him this: McCain is definitely the funnier entertainer of the campaign.

Still gotta vote Obama though.

“I’m a true maverick… a Republican without money.”

I’ll admit it, I LOLed.

And the plates. He didn’t write it I’m sure, but his delivery’s good.

Do you think Lord Obama will materialize tonight?

The monologue was unbelievably short, so I’m guessing they have some good stuff to cram in tonight… Dunno.

Good VIEW sketch too. Tina Fey must have been wanting to do her for a while. I wonder if the famously not over stable Baldwin will get irked by that sketch.

They’re on fire tonight. The Olbermann sketch was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I actually like some of Olbermann’s rants and thought that was dead on- especially the letter from the co-op.

I love K.O., but that skit was right on the money. The swiveling around to catch the different camera angles, the contorted sentence structure - classic!

I don’t love Olberman and I think therefore it was especially funny for me. The View sketch was great. I enjoyed the opening but I really think the Target lady needs to die. That really blew yet again.

I don’t know why but the Countdown sketch made me cringe. I love satire and yet I sat through that just getting douchechills. My sense of humor must be on the fritz. For example, I thought the Target sketch and the cold open were the only two good things so far. Weekend update with maybejustSeth again will clear it out. Give me Bear City again.

I’m terribly sorry, but this is a private party for just MsWhatsIt and me. I must ask you to leave.

Oh alright, just this once. And agreed on TARGET woman- is there just no feedback they listen to?

David Cook- hot. Looks less like a metrosexual Klingon in person than he does on his album cover. (FINALLY occurred to me who David Cook reminds me of: Michael C. Hall from DEXTER. Not clones, but could play brothers.)

Someday I hope to see a skit where Target Woman gets shot in the face by Dick Cheney, never again to return.

Kristen Wiig has talent, but she needs to be banned from doing any characters with “funny” voices or who make “funny” faces or, God forbid, both at once.

McCain on WU brought the funny. If he and Obama were in a comedy face-off, I’d have to vote for him. (Luckily, they’re not, and I didn’t.)

Not so good so far. The usual high singing Will Forte and Aunt Linda. The opening was way short, could they not think of anything for Affleck?

I was thinking of posting something very similar. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out on the “Kristen Wiig is talented” position without seeing some reinforcement. I’m serious when I say I believe she is, but if she doesn’t get over the idea she has to sell EVERY SINGLE THING like Jim Carrey on crack, I might have to give up on that idea.

Her impressions are very good, for the most part. Her original characters uniformly suck. I can’t think of any exceptions.

I’m now wondering if Obama is going to be on the Monday night election special. I doubt he’d agree to come on just in the last 10 minutes.

Is that the first time almost all the credits have been shown in recent years? Something was off about the timing.

Okay. You can stay as long as I can steal that. :wink:

Loved the Olberman bit and I also enjoyed the German jackets. McCain delivered some funny lines. Affleck almost made the Target sketch bearable.

Gosh I loved David Cook. Since I’m a fan I know that two of the guys in his band were people he performed with in Tulsa before he came near American Idol. I think it is very cool that they’re included on this ride.

I really enjoyed that they just let Affleck go for it.

The Alec Baldwin and Olberman imitations were damn good.

And Kenean’s Whoopie? Omg, it killed me.

McCain has always had a great sense of humor and he was a hoot tonight. It took a ton of balls/chutzpah/intestinal fortitude to come do this tonight.

(Sorry, I like the weird people that Kristen Wiig does. The bizarre wigger character being hot for Target lady cracked me up.)

I’m confused. I tried to tune in to SNL, but for some reason they were showing Countdown with Keith Olbermann on NBC. When did he get his show on one of the broadcast networks?

J/K, of course, but my God was that spot on. It was parody that went so far over the top that it returned to reality.

I liked it so far, especially Ben Affleck’s character in the Target Lady and Keith Olberman sketches.

I also LOL’ed majorly at GIRAFFES!!!