Anyone watching Primal? {As airs on Thursday, please wait until Sunday for Open Spoilers}

It’s a cartoon on Adult Swim but I am watching it on HBO Max by Genndy Tartakovsky. No dialogue (which is one of his Hallmarks) and it is the story of the adventures of a Caveman and his Dinosaur companion (no it makes no sense but I don’t care).
I am a few episodes in and I am hooked. I like the art style and the story telling style.

Warning: it is pretty brutal. The first episode pulls no punches. Anyone else watching?

It’s pretty amazing and waiting anxiously for the next batch.

Now that I have seen the finale I also can’t wait to see what’s next.

I just finished last night. Happy to see it got renewed.

almost through the remote at the screen when I thought his dinosaur buddy was going to die.

New season now with first two episodes on HBOMAX.

DAMN this is amazing animation. End of ep 2 is so damn sad.

Thanks for the heads-up!


To any who click here and have not watched this show - I can’t think of any dramatic animated show I’d recommend as strongly or that is quite like it. Up there with Avatar and of course Samurai Jack.

It is brutal, yes, and beautiful. The minimal dialogue forces us to be shown not told. The storytelling packs huge heft. Taking its time and then delivering with meaning.

Question - thoughts on spoiler policy? @Quimby I nominate you as the OP to make a call. One day? A week?

Then we can ask a mod to add the spoiler guidance to the title.

Only just learned it was back so I am not 100% sure if how it is being released (two episodes at a time?) but generally speaking using spoiler tags until a couple of days after a new episode is released seems fair.

After this first two ep release it is one a week for a ten ep season.

Flagging your post to request a mod to alter the title to reflect thread spoiler policy. So on Sundays after open spoilers for the week’s episode?

Am FINALLY caught up. Well, now that Spear has found Mira, where can this go?

The Primal world is now shown to have … four? … human species, two with spoken languages? One slavers who have mastered ships and riding ur-bears. Spear possibly the last of his kind, empowered by his partnership with Fang.

I think Spear and Fang continue to struggle with finding their place in that world and always end up only with each other. Spear will not have a happily ever after with Mira even he doesn’t experience the same event as Fang did with Red. He won’t stay as part of Mira’s people any more than he did with the proto-Celtic species. We know something tragic will happen to cause that; we don’t know what that tragic something will be.

What was the bit with the growl at the end? Fang getting attacked?

Another giant bear, maybe?

WELL. That was something.


Not another bear! I knew that there would be tragedy but I expected a bit of a period being with Mira and hers before it.

Not the best ep of the bunch.

The pair’s fighting ability and imperviousness seems to flex with threat level. He’s not Superman.

This week’s episode was definitely…something. I have literally no idea what happens next.

And now for something completely different?

Complaints right off -

Obviously it does not continue the story and at first blush only connects to it in a broad thematic way. I miss the lack of dialogue.

Also the whole devolving concept it sets up annoys.

Still as a stand alone, say as an episode in the “Robots Love Death” anthology, it would be great.

But my bigger question - is this setting up a Westworld style twist with Spear and Fang being the fantasy future rather the fantasy past? Bringing us out of the storyline we’ve been in since the start is a big thing to do … to do it without it serving a role in the main narrative would be weird.

This week: a surprise crossover with Harley Quinn, What We Do in the Shadows, and everything else I’m currently watching!

Anyone still watching?

This season, from Primal Theory on, is turning into a huge disappointment.

Still watching and I like it but yeah this season is very different. (Vague spoilers)

This week’s was cruel even for this show.