Anyone with an Erdos number?

This thread: made we wonder if anyone else here has an Erdos number (seeős_number for explanation). Mine is 2. I read somewhere that the largest known one is 13.

Mine is three.

Mine is 4.

Mine is also 4. I didn’t know until just now that MathSciNet will find your Erdos number for you.

Mine’s 5 if we count all publication types, or 7 if we restrict it to peer-reviewed.

On edit, no, its 5 due to a paper we just published!

Mine’s also 5, which is apparently the median.

My uncles’s is 4.

Mine’s 6, from a different field.

My mistake - I’m at 5 (I’m running coauthors through the MathSciNet connection, since I’m not in there).

Yeah, I should add that I’m in Computer Science.

Yep. Mine is a 3.

MathSciNet has me at 4.

If you count a published conference proceedings paper, it is 3.

Anyone have an Erdos/Bacon Number? I mean besides Danica McKellar

The MathSciNet app clearly has a limited database. I work with (but have never published with) a couple of 2’s and know many of their co-authors. I searched for four of them, all with Erdos number 3 and none of them turned up. Perhaps the database does not cover bioinformatics very well.

Hey, don’t forget Natalie Portman!

Looks, talent, *and *brains… excuse me, I’ll just be in my bunk for a while, brb.

I’ve had a 3 for quite some time. I just did a check on the AMS search engine gave me yet another 3-path. Different people in-between on both.

I am 5 from Danica McKellar which makes me 6 from Sheldon Cooper?

Clearly there are mathematicians who have coauthored papers with biologists and others, so in theory, most scientists should have an Erdos number. How do I find this pathway?

I know someone with a 2 - does that make me a 3?

Here’s a fine Erdos Number story, for those o’ ya:

Does ∞ ring a familiar note?

Mine (like many many others) is 3.