Anyone with high hopes for The Wolfman?

Can they recapture some of the thrills & chills (not to mention FUN) of the old Universal horror classics? I hope do.

But please, not another Van Helsing! Yuch!

High hopes here. If nothing else, the high level of acting talent (del Toro, Hopkins, Blunt, Weaving) will elevate the material.

I loved Van Helsing, but they can’t be compared. VH was basically a goofy black comedy, and a cracking good time if you viewed it as such. Wolfman looks to be a deadly serious take on the legend.

At work I’ve seen the trailer at least a few hundred times, so my enthusiasm has waned somewhat, but I’m still looking forward to it (and the Crazies, for some reason).

I can think of a myriad of examples that refutes this premise.

And here’s my real concern. The story of the Wolf Man is a deeply emotional one, and while de Toro clearly has the chops, I don’t trust Joe Johnston (who has tons of experience with effects-driven films but little when it comes to human emotion) to have the deft touch necessary to make it anything more than another empty-headed remake with plenty of modern bells & whistles but very little soul.

Even with the actors they have, the trailer for it certainly doesn’t impart any hope.

So, no, I have no hopes at all for it.

Damn, I didn’t even realize this was a Joe Johnston film. Hopes fading even more. Originally my hopes faded when it went into turn around and they were actually considering Brett - I can’t make a good movie to save my life - Ratner.

Please, a horror movie in February? February is where bad movies go to get killed off (pun half intended)

Wait a minute. What about October Sky?

I said little, not none. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the thing is, October Sky wasn’t an effects-driven film, so of course it’s going to center around character, etc., and it’s a perfectly fine film in its own right. The challenge is to find character and tone and emotion in an effects-driven film without being overwhelmed by all the CG hysteria. But Johnston has shown that when the production values are in play in his films (some of which I even like), they still easily take over the rest of the movie.

I’m not sure I agree. Jurassic Park III (which I think is an under-appreciated film) had several interesting little character-driven subplots.