Anyone women here freeze their (human) eggs ?

Like the title says, so any women here freeze their eggs so to delay their biological clock? I was considering the option.

If so:

During the consultation, what type of questions were you asked? And what tests were done?

How old were you when you did it?

How did you come to the decision?

How much did it cost?

Did you use the frozen eggs to actually conceive a child later?

And any other relevant info would be appreciated. Thank you.

You were considering it under whose advisement? A clinic that promised it could actually do it? Or is it just something you think you might like to do? The success rate for freezing unfertilized eggs has been very low. Supposedly with a new technique you can now do it with a 20% pregnancy success rate, but in 2006 they were still predicting when the method would be commerically possible in the US, and the success they cite accounts for all of 150 babies worldwide…

Uh oh, looks like I might have to just get myself knocked up before my biological clock runs out. :mad: :confused: :frowning: :slight_smile:

Have you considered freezing embryos instead of just eggs? I have 6 frosties (what IVFers call frozen embryos) waiting for me. You just have to either find a sperm donor or pay for a vial of already donated sperm.

The egg retrieval process is no picnic. You have to give yourself multiple injections every night to stop your body from ovulating while at the same time making your ovaries produce multiple eggs. The injections aren’t so bad, but for me the actual egg retrieval was not pleasant. You’re put to sleep, of course, but afterwards there’s a lot of bloating and cramps, which last for about 3 days.

As far as the cost, I’m assuming it would probably be the same as any IVF cost, except you wouldn’t have to pay for the embryo transfer, which might knock off a couple grand.

All told, I think we spent in the neighborhood of $10-12,000, which includes the medication and procedures.

To answers your specific questions:

You name it, we were asked. Everything from how long we’d been trying to conceive to past drug use to how many abortions you’ve had. The question portion of our first consultation lasted about 2 hours. Go prepared to tell your entire life story.

We were given a blood test for every STD ever invented. You can also opt to have your DNA tested for any diseases you might be a carrier for, but we opted not to do that.

I was 30.

We wanted a baby and couldn’t do it on our own. This answer probably doesn’t help you because the decision to be a single mom will be better answered by someone who actually is.

See above. There’s also a storage fee every year to keep the embryos frozen (~$200 at my clinic).

I cannot have any more children myself because I had complications after the delivery of my daughter that led to an emergency hysterectomy. We are saving our frosties for use with a surrogate someday. But I have several friends who have successfully conceived using frozen embryos.

I work in the Fertility medical sector, but am not a Doctor.

It is referred to as Fertility Preservation. It is still in the beginning stages of acceptability amongst Fertility Docs (RE’s) but at least one company I know of Extend Fertilty actively markets it (I am not affiliated with EF in any way)…

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