Anyone's father ever do all the food serving at dinner time?

One of the 1950ish shorts shown on MST3K was (possibly among other things) about the proper way for a(n American) family to have a meal. The narrator went thru the protocol, and one of the important things was that Father did the serving, and that no one started eating until Mother had been served. OK. I was watching an “Our Gang” *short recently, and sure enough, at Mickey’s house, Father serves up the roast beef to all the family (as well as Mickey’s friends). Since they don’t have anything to eat tomorrow, since the Gang had eaten up the prospective leftovers, Alfalfa invites them over for dinner. At Alfalfa’s house, Father dutifully dishes out the roast beef hash, etc.

So. . .

I grew up mostly in the 1960s, and I don’t remember anything like those customs. But, being country bumpkins, that would most likely have been lost on us. Anyone grow up in a home where Father typically did the serving at dinner? Or maybe he does now, still?

Does now? No.

When I was a wee lass, though, my grandfather always did. Whenever we visited he served out the food, just like on A Date with Your Family. I never, ever knew any other family to serve out supper that way, though. I thought it was just an oddity of his, but when I saw ADWYF, I realized that it wasn’t just him.