Anything family-friendly worth seeing in Windsor or southwestern Ontario?

I’m going to be in Detroit for a few days with my family soon, and we’d like to pop over to Canada for a day trip if we can. Is there anything kid-friendly to do within a reasonable driving distance of Detroit? I looked on the Windsor tourism site and, uh, we have a Chuck-E-Cheese here in Madison we can visit when we need to.

Some awesome beaches nearby, Windsor has a beautiful waterfront park. And of course there will be fireworks at sundown, wherever you are, since it’s Canada Day Weekend!

What kind of kid friendly are you seeking? Water parks? Camp grounds? Theme parks? Zoos? Science Centers?

I live about 2 hrs from Windsor. How far is too far to drive from Windsor for you?

Point Pelee? Jack Miner’s? Both are better if you’re for the birds. :stuck_out_tongue: