Anything going on in Tokyo this weekend?

I’ve had a case of the blah’s for the past couple weeks, so, on a lark, I bought a shinkansen ticket to Tokyo for this weekend after work Friday (27 Jul 07). Are there any events going on Saturday and/or Sunday through mid-afternoon? I’m hoping a change of scenery’ll help. Tokyo Tower and Kamakura are past adventures, leaving a lot of the city open that I’ve never seen…

I’m probably stay in Tachikawa or Ueno and can navigate public transport without getting lost. Hell, if nothing else comes up, I may just do that.

There’s the huge Sumida fireworks show going on in Asakusa Saturday evening.

Cool! I’ll pack the tripod. Thanks, Sublight.

According to this, it should go from 7 to 8:30.

I’ll be further up the river watching it from Minami Senju. Last year, we went just as it was starting and couldn’t find anywhere to sit, so I think this time we’ll camp out before sunset and bring some food.

Hmm… If you’re into risque entertainment, then Roppongi has got that covered. For the same thing but a more Japanese style, you can explore Shibuya (or was it Shinjuku? maybe both)?

For the inner nerd, a trip to Akihabara is like heaven. For viewing supremely strange Tokyo fashion, take a stroll over to Yoyogi park. If nothing else, see the fireworks ^^

(Gah I cant believe I missed all of you JP Dopers ><)

Oooh. Good tip. I’ll get out there early, too.

How was the fireworks? I didn’t see 'em.

Pretty good. I didn’t go out, but I had a good view from my balcony. I think it’s a lot more fun if you’re with a group to hang out, eat and drink together.

Yeah, I was on the trains trying to get back home because I couldn’t find a hotel for Saturday night. It was a bit of an, ahem, adventure, exacerbated by the stifling humidity. How do y’all stand it?

Was everyone in town just for the fireworks or was there something else pulling everyone from the villages into Tokyo? The major train stations were packed. My friend had never seen Tachikawa station this crowded before.

It’s a pretty big show. From what I hear over a million people come to see it, so that may have been why the stations were so crowded.

Anyway, I posted my photos of the show on Flickr today.