Tokyo Dopers (again)

So, I’m gonna be in Tokyo from November 30th until December 15th. Anyone want to get together for a beer or two? Sublight? scr4? Anyone else? :slight_smile:

Did anyone actually get together earlier on this year? From memory, the thread died…and I never did hear whether scr4 got down to Shikoku…

Have a beer for me, Cerowyn.

Sounds great! I think I’m up for a beer or two, and I should be free most evenings. Email me or give me a call when you arrive and we can make the arrangements.

Well, I towed Sublight around Harajiku with a few of my co-workers in July, but I don’t think the planned get-together every came together.

I’ll call you next Monday or Tuesday, Sublight, and we’ll make some arrangements. Let’s find somewhere better than a Zest to play pool though, alright? :smiley:

Anyone else in? (Perhaps we can find a stand-in for Tsubaki like we did for lno last summer.)