Tokyo Dopers: where is you at?

Sublight* and I are getting lonely now that scr4 has hightailed it out of the country. I keep reading about all of the Tokyo-area Dopers, and yet in four+ years of trying, we haven’t managed to drag anyone else out.

There is a Friday-night ritual we have when I’m in town, that involves a cheap[-ish] yakiniku restaurant in Azabu-Juban, followed by hanging out at a live house in Hiro-o. The next occasion is Friday, October 14th. We meet at the top of the stairs at exit 4 of Azabu-Juban station (Nambuku Line and Oedo Line), in front of the Wendy’s. The usual time is about 7:30 or 8:00 (since our chosen restaurant is usually still easy to get into then). Some people make last train from the club, but we often stay later.

Come along, and you might enjoy such wonders as Sublight consuming a one litre cocktail, meeting Aki-bono or Osama (the musician, not the terrorist) and perhaps meeting some quirky, off-the-wall people. Whaddya think? Anyone interested?

  • I actually have no idea of Sublight is getting lonely. In fact, he had no idea that I was going to post this, because I didn’t think of it until now.

Forty-nine views, and not one post? :dubious:

Yeesh, no wonder we’ve not had any company.