Anything new on Chaucer's demise?

Hi folks!

I am embarrassed to admit that somehow back in my undergraduate days it didn’t register (or I’ve forgotten, in my advanced age) that Chaucer disappeared rather than died, that no acceptable account of his demise had ever turned up. Anyone know if anything new has surfaced in the last 20 years about when, where and how the fellow died?

Any information would be appreciated!

Are you talking about Geoffrey Chaucer, who died in London in 1400 and is buried in Westminster Abbey?

Yep, that’s the guy, but I am under the impression that historians have only speculated on when, where and how he died, but don’t really know, and that the grave you describe is empty. Maybe I was minformed by my idiot friend the other day. =D


Well, it seems as if there is some question to the manner and precise date of his death, and that he “disappeared from the historical record” for a while, but his grave certainly isn’t empty.

You might check out Terry Jones’ book on the subject.

Excellent! Thanks guy!