Anything that can go wrong, will.

So who is this Murphy fellow? Does he have a first name? Is that hsi first name, and if so, does he have a last name? What is/was ( I assume was) his station in life? Murphy doesn’t sound like the name of a Greek philosopher…

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Well audie murphy was a world war II hero and a movie …oh wait wrong murphy

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I think he was a lawyer.

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Being a very special friend of mine and principle guider of my life, I just called him Joe. We are on a first name basis.

You started your topic with…Anything that can go wrong, will

Well…how do you know that it started out going right? It could have STARTED out going wrong and then started going right

wooo too much work today

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From the Free Online Dictionary of Computing:

FOLDOC is available online, but it’s not a very reliable citation. I’d suggest aome online searching to verify all the details above, but IIRC it’s correct.


From ‘The official explanations’ by Paul Dickson, ISBN 0 09 926650 4

'Capt. Ed Murphy announced the basic Law in 1949… Many people believe the real author was Ambassador Robert Murphy. He served 40 years in the US Foreign Service…In the late 1920’s Murphy and Mgr Pacelli, Apostolic Delegate to Bavaria, reported that Hitler was unlikely to have any significant effect on Germany…Some years later, after Pacelli became Pope, Murphy reminded him of their consensus. ‘Ah, yes’ replied his Holiness, ‘that was before I became infallible.’

Also from the book:

Mrs. Murphy’s Law - anything that can go wrong, will go wrong WHILE HE IS OUT OF TOWN.

Murphy’s constant - All constants are variables.

Murphy’s Law of Product Geography - The extent of problems with any new product varies directly with the distance between buyer and seller.


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“Anything that starts badly will end badly.”