Hey Murphy -- Screw You And Your Law

You want to know what I never do? Cut myself while shaving. It just doesn’t happen.

In three hours, I’ll be standing in front of a hundred or so family members and friends, next to my BIL as he gets married. And my face looks like Sweeny Todd got some extra pointers from Freddie Kruger. :mad:

Aaaand, this was definitely not meant for CS. Little mod help, please?

Just a pedantic point here: The well-known adage “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is not actually Murphy’s law, but Finagle’s. Murphy’s Law is actually “If there is a right way and a wrong way to do something, some fool will invariably choose the wrong way”, and is a statement about sound engineering practices: Better to design a system in such a way that the wrong way can’t be done, or such that there is no wrong way.

Briston’s Law: If there’s a right forum and a wrong forum in which to start a thread…

'Tis moved.

Just to out-pedantic you, this is almost certainly a general addage applied to many fields(mountaineering, the theater). Finagle is cited much later than the addage.

What’s a pedantic point on a pedantic point called?

A pediantic point?

I don’t know who’s law it is but I always liked “There’s no accounting for the infernal cussedness of inanimate objects.” I think that might apply here.