Anything worth doing with old NES/Game Boy games?

I’m being charged with cleaning out my old closet while I’m visiting home. In one box are a bunch of old NES and original Game Boy games. I never threw away manuals or boxes, but it looks like in some cases, I’d have to go to an effort to reunite game and material (if possible at all).

Is there anything worth doing with these things (in a selling way; I’m not interested in keeping them at this point)? It seems a waste somehow to just toss 'em.

Some specific titles are valuable, but for the most part you probably wouldn’t get a dollar a piece from NES or original Gameboy games. Unless you have some of these rare and valuable titles, it’s probably not worth your time to try selling them.

I’ve seen a few used or retro game stores that take them, though they won’t give you much for them, though $1 a piece might be possible.

Definitely check and see if any of them are rare, though. Here’s a list you can check.

Checked Ebay? Something like Zelda with box and booklet seems to go for more than a few dollars.

If you’re stuck, why not mod one of the cartridges. For example, NES on a cart.

If you can’t figure out anything else to do with them, check with the pediatric wards at your local hospitals. I was surprised to find out some years back that they occasionally have donated Game Boys for the kids to play.


After you’ve picked through the for the more valuable ones, you could probably put the rest up as a lot on eBay. $1 per game, plus shipping looks like a reasonable fetching price.

How many games are we talking about here? In any event, don’t chuck them; if you can’t unload them for cash at least donate them to Goodwill or something. I regularly troll the thrift stores around town for NES and other old games. Believe me, somebody will be glad you did.