Anyvbody else missing freinds/relatives from Katrina?

Okay, I’m starting to get concerned.

My uncle and his wife live in Biloxi. Make that lived.

My dad/his brother spoke to him on Sunday, and he said that they were bugging out to his daughter’s house in Jackson. They were supposedly leaving in a matter of hours, and I’m pretty confident that he’s the sort of guy who’d know how to handle himself in a crisis. But we still haven’t heard, and repeated calls to his daughter’s house in Clinton (near Jackson) are going unanswered. He’s normally the sort of guy I wouldn’t worry about, but, damn, it’s been five days.

I’m just wondering how many other people are in the same boat: out of touch with freinds/family, etc?

I know it’s terrifying, furt , but phones aren’t working very well around Jackson. I wouldn’t lose hope yet.

Oh, I’m nowhere near losing hope. Just frustrated.

Hey, I’m in Jackson. If you have a street address I will go knock on the door. Phones and power are out in sections of Jackson. My e-mail is in my profile. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we don’t have an address for my cousin, and she appears to be unlisted. :frowning:

Thanks, though.