Anywhere I can practice poker online with a Mac?

(This may belong in Cafe Society, but it seems the majority of poker threads have ended up here, so here goes.)

I’ve discovered that I do have fun playing poker, which is something I didn’t realize when I first started out; I was a bit too focused on how much money I was losing (which obviously SHOULD be a consideration, just not the only one). Trouble is, all the poker sites suggested by people here so far (like Partypoker) are Windows only, the bastards, and I don’t have an emulator.

Anyone know of a decent place I can practice with my humble Macintosh? Or am I stuck with my non-regular RL play 'til I get an emulator?


If you mean software programs, go to and search for “Poker.” A quick check turns up 20-30 entries…

rjung: No, I don’t. That’s why I said “online” in my subject line. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I’d prefer live player interaction in practice, which is why I mentioned Partypoker in my OP.

Sorry, but I’m not really up on online gambling stuff at all. There’s certainly no technical reason why online gambling would have to be platform-specific, at least. Doing a quick search of “macintosh online poker” in Google, I’d say to try Poker Room,[/ULR] which allows playing for real or play money without downloading any software. Similarly, [URL=]Gamble Street and Greedy Hog have a list of some Mac-compatable online casinos.

Still not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but it’s the best my non-virtual-gambling self can do at midnight on a Sunday evening… :wink:

Yahoo! has free interactive poker but the quality of player varies wildly from, oh, minute to minute. Good if you want to boost your ego by being up thousands and thousands of virtual dollars but I don’t know how useful it is in learning to improve your game.