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i had aol4.0 and my computer was very fast,i “upgraded” to 5.0 and now this thing wont get out of its own way. although i connect with the same phone number,im always losing my connection.did i do something wrong?did i overlook something?i dont think i can take getting cut off in the mid

Either uninstall 4.0 or 5.0. It doesn’t help to have both of them on the computer.

That’s odd, because it was the exact opposite for me, it sped things up. Once I get online I browse with MSIE 5.0 not with the AOL browser. I did have problems for about 10 minutes yesterday morning though. When you sign on do you usually notice what the connection speed is. Maybe an increase in use in your area is bumping you down a slot or two in the fight for the high speed connections.

I’ve upgraded to v5.0 and to be honest, I can’t see <font color=“purple”>any</font> significant difference between that at 4.0. I think they should have called it v4.1, really.

I have noticed one very annoying difference, though: v5.0 takes about three times longer to load. Has anybody else noticed this?

Or you can just get a real ISP…

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Too often we hear AOL users complaining about poor service, pathetic support or the disconnect/can’t connect syndrome. I highly recommend those users seek alternate methods of connectivity. I know…I know, it’s REALLY hard to unsubscribe from AOL. AOL knows this and makes it’s money of the mentally lethargic and/or passive-aggressive individuals who want to leave but don’t want to take the time to find out how. But believe me, it can be done. Everyone who has followed this advice has benefited by it and thanked me for it.

I’m not here to bash AOL - they do that themselves.

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To the OP.

There is an area on AOL that you can get some member to member technical help, if I remember correctly go to keyword: HELP or MHM.

I used to be one of those helpers :slight_smile:

As for those that LOVE to bash AOL, I have been an AOL member since Feb of 95 and proud of it. Although I enter AOL via TCP/IP (aka BYOA) because entering the internet via AOL’s gateway is terrible.

BTW, I am still using 4.0 as 5.0 keeps crashing.

I don’t use AOL, but my family does. Personally I don’t like AOL anymore, but where else am I going to get all those email addresses for the rest of my family, (Yes, I’m familiar with the free email services out there. Those of you who use them know their weaknesses.) and easy to use account restrictions. In all fairness I’ve never tried net nanny or any other program to restrict the internet for children, but the email issue still remains. Plus the biggie. AOL is not just an ISP, it’s an online service that my kids enjoy. I guess I’ll continue to use, and let my family continue with their AOL accounts.


Some friends and I compiled a thread on our board that addresses several technical issues with 4.0 and 5.0. A number of fixes have been provided for the more common problems.

The link is:

As for the issue of AOL frequently disconnecting you, 4.0 and 5.0 uses different modem profiles, in many cases. If 4.0 runs fine, but 5.0 disconnects, simply copy the modem-string from 4.0 and paste it into 5.0. Most of the time, that will solve the problem.


I have a better idea.

Call ATT and order their software.

Install it.

Call AOL and cancel.

Remove the AOL software from your computer.

Instead of unfairly persecuting Bill Gates, the governemt needs to investigate AOL for providing the biggest piece of shit internet service ever.

AOL whether it’s 4.0, 5.0 or 10.0, simply puts, SUCKS.

If there is ONE good thing to hope for, it’s that Y2K will wipe this joke of an ISP off the intenet forever.

If the “e-mail” issure you’re refering to is porn-spam, FYI- I’ve been using yahoo mail for about 4 years now and have never, ever received a piece of porn mail. On AOL, however, my box was always chock full of it.

FWIW, I still have an AOL account that I use occassionally (pay as you go) and I installed 5.0. It slowed down my connection and crashed all the time so now it’s gone. Oh, well…

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Actually, there are several government investigations into AOL’s business practices.

If you’re interested, you could check out:


It’s really funny how people knock AOL all the time. I guess when your the best that is always the way it is.

I have used AOL since first starting on the internet and have no cpmplaints. If you don’t like receiving mail daaa “turn it off”

I connect in Canada to AOL thru TCP-IP and have never been cut-off.
And as a beta tester you can receive free connection to AOL, not bad eh?
Yes FREE meaning you pay AOL zero $$$.
Go to keyword BETA and sign-up.

Please feel free to email me.
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Because it gives you this awful proprietary front end. All I want is an unadorned connection to the Internet so I can run whatever browser, newsreader, telnet programme or anything else I want.

Also, it seems to be in the AOL TOS that being able to spell is forbidden.


I don’t understnd “get a real ISP”
I tried a few others then my wife wasnted to try AOL. Seems to me I can still do everything I did before plus I have AOL, for about the same price as not having AOL.


If you consider having AOL a plus. Many people don’t. I’m one of them.


Personally, I dislike almost everything about AOL. The only things that I DO like are the multiple screen-name feature with associated mailboxes, their large libraries of older software/utilities, and some of the partner areas.

I’d like to leave one more link. This is to one of the few AOL chatrooms that I’ll ever visit, Online Help And Tips, and I’d like to see some of the collective intellect of this board enhance what is already a helpful chat.

AOLers Only

If that link doesn’t work, try going to KEYWORD: aol://2719:3-4138-Online%20Help%20and%20Tips


ISP = Internet Service Preventer?? :wink: