Oh, America Online, I do hate Thee so.

When I first got on the web I used America Online. I was young and inexperienced.

As usage in my area grew I had trouble getting a connection, I shrugged it off…

A hacker sent me some electronic poison via an IM, I was forced to reconfigure my whole computer. I chalked it up as a learning experience…

Then they started selling mailing lists and my mailbox filled with rudeness. I started to get a bit touchy…

THEN THEY STARTED THOSE #%$#*&!! “YOU’VE BEEN INACTIVE FOR TEN MINUTES, YOU WILL BE LOGGED OFF…” POPUPS…(in the middle of a long homework download no less)…!!!

Finally I wised the hell up and discontinued service…

They CONVIENTLY diddn’t get my “discontinuation of service” request…

After an interminable wait in telephone support limbo I finally got the customer support person (read: “felon”) to kill my account…

Now, five years later they STILL call me on the phone with “wonderful offers”. I have pushed the limits of the laws determining “the making of interstate threats” when dealing with them…

…And still I get a new disk every two months…

If your considering getting on AOL. Just DON’T. If your on it now and want to get off of it, consider the witness protection program.

Had to be said…


I won’t use any ISP that reconfigures files I send. If I want them reconfigured. I will do it myself.

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AOL is the epitome of evil. I am so glad to be rid of it.

It isn’t really all that easy, either. EarthLink and Mindspring’s startup software seem pretty user-friendly, if you ask me.

Did you ever notice how so often when you go to use a web site’s services, (using software - internet stuff) and they’ll have “special” instructions for AOL users? Or they’ll say “Sorry, this cannot be used on AOL.” AOL seems like such a terrible hassle. So glad to be rid of it.

If I had a choice I would get rid of AOHell, but I’m too lazy, and its just too damn convenient. I really should switch, the only thing I use AOL for is email and the 'net, but for $5 a month, I can handle getting kicked off at inoppurtune times and having to listen to busy signals. Sharing with roomates can be a bitch, but it helps bring the cost down!

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Perhaps some people really appreciate getting ‘404 not found’ errors.

Personally, I really dig the fact that their new ver. 5.0 software has a ‘bug’(yeah, right) which disables any connectoids you may have, conveniently keeping you from being able to use any other online service.

They have some services which are good, and some unfortunately proprietary content. What I don’t like is that they totally mislead new users into thinking that the rest of the internet, and other ISP’s in general work exactly the same as they do… which isn’t even remotely true.

I keep getting those damn CDs in the mail too…I find they come in handy in the kitchen as trivets and spoonrests. :wink:

It’s a good thing!

I’ve been thinking of getting out of AOHell for a while, but haven’t partly out of laziness, and partly out of ignorance–I wouldn’t know where to go.

There are very tempting offers where I could buy a new computer system for $500 if I sign my life away for 3 years to various online services, but I’m not sure who to try. Heck, I’ve had AOL 3 years. 3 years with someone new wouldn’t be bad. (Earthlink, maybe?) I do love the Buddy List and IM features, but also know I can get AOL Instant Messenger for that.

I also use the weather and news section, rather like a newspaper. But then again, I can get better information at a local network TV station website.

So, if I wanted to switch–who do I go to? Advice? Ideas? What’s out there?

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Well at least the cooled the constant sending of the 50 free hours discs and cds

At the height of them, the place where I worked (a isp) set up a box in the programmers den and told us to bring in all the ones we get for 4 months. If we got over a 200, they jokingly said they would get us a keg.

At the end of the 4 months, from 15 seperate programmers, we received 456 3.5 discs and cd roms.

And the keg. Sure maybe one or two of us may have cheated but still, 456? And I can verify that I received 40 at least through the mail.

Talk about overkill

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Is it true what Divido Umbra said about AOL somehow disabling the ability to connect to other services? My girlfriend recently cancelled her AOL service and attempted to sign up with the service that I use, and now she can’t access anything. She can’t get on the new service, and she can’t get back on AOL. What can she do to solve the problem?

FWIW, I access AOL through another ISP (Earthlink), and many AOL users do the same. I’m able to run EL just fine by itself, too, and I do use just Earthlink at least once a day. And yeah, I have 5.0.

Lynn the Packrat

AOL 5.0 disables anything else that wants to use a network. So if you had other service providers, or even if you just have a LAN in addition, it’s toast when 5.0 is installed. Oughta be a law.

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Can anyone else verify this? LANs are unusual but not unheard of in homes, and they’re almost universal in business. Seems to me that this would generate endless lawsuits at least.

I’ve never installed AOL, mostly out of laziness - didn’t want to suffer through trying to cancel it once the xxx free hours were used up. Sounds like I’m lucky. I’ve used Netcom for years now and have always been really happy with it, for what it’s worth.

I use AOL 5.0 and Internet Explorer and ATT@Home…I’ve not had any problems at all.

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We have an ethernet in our house and AOL 5.0 and have never had any problems. As Lynn said, we don’t use AOL to connect, we run it over our cable modem connection. It’s never disabled anything for us.

Of course, if it did, UndeadDude could fix it, having worked for AOL for nearly 4 years.

O p a l C a t

I’ve never used AOL, so my only real complaint about them is that the fucking bastards wouldn’t hire me. Goddamn pushbutton telephone applications…

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For those using AOL purely because it is cheap, you may want to check out netzero, as it is free. There are ads that you must view, but at least it won’t cost you a dime.


Thanks - that one seemed to be too good to be true. The first thought that sprang to mind was: even AOL couldn’t be that stupid.

They want to be Microsoft, but …

Thanks - that one seemed to be too good to be true. The first thought that sprang (sic)to mind was: even AOL couldn’t be that stupid.

They want to be Microsoft, but …

My main complaint about AOL is the instant messages from idiots. It’s so obvious they don’t try to get to know anything about you before they IM you. They don’t read your profile or look at your web page or anything, it’s just, “HI, are you pretty? Can I have your picture?”

Often times, they must do a search for profiles that contain the word “Dallas” and fail to read enough to verify whether this “Dallas” is in Texas. I assume this is the case, because I live in Dallas, OREGON, and my profile says Dallas, OREGON, but I still get IMs like, “Howdy from El Paso, can I have your pic?” The last Texan who IM’d me said, “What part of Dallas are you from?” I said, “The part in Oregon, just northeast of Salem.” Funny, he didn’t respond. I don’t have anything against Texans in general, just Texans who don’t bother to read enough of my profile to notice that I’m in Oregon, I’m married, and I’m just not that kind of girl.

Anyway, I’ve liked AOL so far, I just don’t like that it’s made it so easy for idiots to bug me while I’m trying to read the Dope.

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