AOL disconnection record

Real quickly: I’ve just been disconnected by AOL four times (“rrrrrrrrrrrrrr…good-bye!”) in just under five minutes and anxiously await the fifth time as I type this. Can anybody beat this or is this some kind of rec

Is that all? I beat that easily when I first got my ME. I’m on cable now.

Well, guess I shouln’t say that I just got a connection for 16-hours straight on my earthlink. Even went out for about two hours and I was still online. Now let me just move on by before the AOL hostages try to burn me to the stake.

I’m waiting so impatiently for my cable connection. I live in a big city, in a neighborhood with high computer usage and yet I am not wired from it. Soon, the cable company keeps telling me, soon.

I dialed up, put in my password and instead of hearing “Welcome!” I heard “Goodbye!” three times in a row.

Not only does that bastard bid me farewell whenever he feels like it, sometimes AOL likes to play the “Action Cancelled” game with me. The one where I’m logged on, but somehow all of the servers in all of the internet are not. The only cure for this is to log off and sign on again.