AOL, popups, & irony

Well, I’ve had a cable modem for nearly a month.


I had originally planned on dumping AOL for good, but, for some reason, my daughter wants to keep it. She has agreed to pay for it, so I figure, what the heck?

In the past month I have been busy making sure I have notified everyone of my new e-mail address. This means having to log into AOL’s homepage from other sources.

Now, in the last few months, AOL has been going on and on about their new-found ability to block popups in the 8.0 version. I’ve tried it and it does work quite well. As long as you’re signed on to AOL.

If you access the homepage (to check mail, for example) from another source you get this:

Log onto homepage
Get a popup for a jillion free hours of AOL
Click on the e-mail button to retrieve your mail
Get a popup for a jillion free hours of AOL
Read mail and logoff
Get a popup for a jillion free hours of AOL

I can understand the first popup. The other two are really stupid. Why would you offer me free hours on AOL when it’s quite obvious that I already HAVE AOL?

I’ll be eliminating that screen name soon.

FWIW, I think the website is programmed to automatically send that popup everytime the page is accessed, regardless of who it is accessed by.

Maybe they can read your mind?

Why do you have to log onto AOL to email other people your new email address? Just email them from your ISP’s account, and then you won’t have to log onto AOL. If you are afraid that they might delete it because they don’t recognize your new account, just change the ‘from’ field to your real name or even your old email address.

PS - has a good pop-up stopper, free, and lots of people use Opera and Mozilla instead of IE as they have built in Pop-up stoppers.

I’m still accessing my AOL email just to make sure I haven’t missed anyone I correspond with. I use my Comcast email account to send and receive mail. As I said, I’ll be dumping my AOL screen name soon.